Top 10 details you probably didn’t notice in Hercules, a Disney…

In all Disney films, there are hidden details or jokes that we did not understand when we were children. This is obviously the case in Kuzco, the best Disney film, but also in Hercules, a film retracing very little faithfully the Greek myth of the demigod Heracles, son of Zeus and Alcmene. We had already told you about the invisible details in Disney films, today we are devoting ourselves to good old Hercules and if you’re not happy, well, it’s the same.

1. The lion died tonight

During Hercules’ training, he can be seen wearing a lion’s skin. And not just any lion…I can still hear him whispering “Go…away…and never come back”.

Top 10 details you probably didn't notice in hercules, a disney...

2. Jason’s Fate

Upon entering Philoctetes’ barracks, Hercules bangs his head against the Argo’s mast, Jason’s boat, and the Argonauts. The funny thing is that some stories say that this is how Jason died years after his journey: the mast of his boat fell on his head while he was resting in it.

3. The Two Serpents

At the start of the film, Peine and Panique transform into snakes in an attempt to finish off baby Hercules who has become mortal. In Greek mythology, it is Hera (sister and wife of Zeus) who sends the snakes to kill Hercules who is the child of Alcmene and her husband. In the myth as in the film, Hercules gets rid of snakes by strangling them.

Top 10 details you probably didn't notice in hercules, a disney...

4. Police in Athens

When the two children are trapped under the large rock and Hercules runs to their aid, one of the two boys shouts “Someone call the xvii”. At first glance, this makes no sense. Except it’s actually very funny since XVII is the Roman numeral for 17, the police emergency number. XVIII would have been more effective but hey the kid is suffocating so that’s already it.

5. Little chronology problem

We know that it is a cartoon and that in addition, the chronology in Greek mythology is always hazardous but we know all the same that in the myth, Philoctetes is very friendly with Heracles (Hercules). After the death of Hercules, Odysseus (called Odyssey in the cartoon) and Achilles repeatedly interact with Philoctetes. Yet in the cartoon, these other heroes of mythology are described as heroes from another time.

6. Love at first sight

When Megara and Hercules are chatting and flirting in the garden, Megara accidentally bumps her back on a statue. Looking closely, this statue is none other than Cupid and Megara has bumped into her arrow.

7. It’s only half

Around 47min on the player, Hades says “Relax guys, it’s only halftime! “. In English, this gives “It’s only half-time” and coincidentally, 47min is exactly the duration of half the film.

8. How Venus lost her arms

While skipping through the garden after dark, Hercules breaks the arms of a statue in the fountain. This is normal, since this statue is the Venus de Milo exhibited at the Louvre. It represents Aphrodite (or Venus), goddess of love, and was found without her arms on the Greek island of Milos.

9. Hades, a queer character

At Disney, the representation of homosexual characters has long been controversial. If we look in detail, certain male Disney characters are accompanied by clichés with the aim of ridiculing them: so-called effeminate poses, extravagance in clothing, an attraction for song or dance… These characters are generally the bad guys, we talking here about Gaston, Captain Cochet, Jafar or… Hades. Although these are stereotypes, many Disney fans see Hades as a queer character. And I want to believe it, because Hades is still damn stylish.

10. I am retired

When Hercules finally finds Philoctetes to ask him for help, he replies “Two words: I am retired”. Hercules does not understand and counts on his fingers to express his dismay, but there is a hidden explanation. Even if no one at Disney has validated this theory, it seems relevant to me: “I am retired” is written as in the image below in Greek, in two words therefore.

Top 10 details you probably didn't notice in hercules, a disney...

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