Top 10 cutest animals according to science

Science is interested in lots of subjects of crucial importance, but if it looked at the most important of all, namely the classification of cute animals, it would make exactly this top that we are about to present to you. Moreover, LE SAVIER TU, scientists have discovered that cute animals are good for our brain and help us concentrate (yes, look). All the more reason to watch what is cutest in terms of cuteness.

The quokka

You must have already seen it, this little Australian marsupial posing with tourists to take selfies. He is unquestionably the cutest of all animals, but at the same time he talks about it a little with his influencer camera looks.


If you’ve ever seen otters sleep holding hands so they don’t get torn apart by the water current, then you know they’ve hit the top mark on the cuteness scale. Unfortunately, otters hide their game well and can also be big bitches, so don’t be fooled by their little faces.

The red panda

With their round faces and their look between the fox and the raccoon, the red pandas smashed all the other animals in the cuteness contests. Next to them, simple pandas are no better than old poodles with missing teeth. The funny thing is that science has really looked into why we find them cute. A priori, it is mainly thanks to their facial expressions, their big eyes and their cute little lips.


Even if its name sounds like an insult to many (or like the nickname of a famous rapper), the fennec fox reaches peaks in the mignon-game. Here, it’s not complicated to know what propelled him so high in the rankings: his disproportionate and incredibly large ears that make him look like a Pokémon. In reality, they are used above all to dissipate heat to withstand the extreme temperatures of the Sahara. Still, if it were legal, we would like to have one at home.


We are quite divided on the question, but it turns out that baby pigs are very popular with the public. It’s probably because they look a little bit like human babies, although it would be anyone’s nightmare to give birth to that stuff.

Flapjack octopus and dumbo octopus

Equally, we find two octopods which have the particularity of resembling, for the first, a small Pac-Man ghost (we see some in Nemo), and for the second, a small baby elephant. Okay, you have to look at them from the right angle, but apparently people like it. Still, we wouldn’t necessarily hug them.


With their round eyes, furry ears, and that way of always giving the impression that they’re hugging trees, koalas always rank high among the cutest animals. On the other hand, we must still avoid approaching them because under their very nice airs, they can scratch us badly. Not so cute after all.


Their funny little heads, their posture on their hind legs and the fact that they always live in groups give meerkats serious arguments in this top. As you already know what adult meerkats look like, we decided to put you a video of baby meerkats with nice music; if you’re not moved by that, it’s because you have no soul.

The slow loris

The big eyes of this primate can get anything they want from you: food, money, a car, a vacation in Corsica and even your inheritance. Be careful not to get hypnotized. In fact, it’s best to avoid them because their bite is poisonous and if they feel threatened, they won’t hesitate to smack you down.

Most baby mammals

It’s easy to understand: baby mammals often have characteristics of human babies (small size, large head, big eyes, round cheeks…), so our brain makes the association between the two and falls totally in love with their little heads. . It’s proven by science.

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