Top 10 cursed places in the world, ready to freak out?

If we lend today perhaps less credit to legends and other superstitions (whatever), this was not always the case. In the past, curses, witchcraft and magic represented a threat to men that had to be taken very seriously. That said, progress has not put an end to curses and some beliefs claim that places on the planet are cursed. Curses that are enough to make these places infrequent…

1. Montsegur Castle (Ariège, France)

Perched on its mountain at 1207 meters above sea level, this castle has a dark history. It is said that it was here that the Templars would have found refuge when Pope Clement V suppressed their order. It would also have housed the Holy Grail for a while. According to some myths, the famous cup is still somewhere under the castle. Known for its siege, during which more than 200 Cathars were burned alive, the monument would therefore have been cursed. Iron Maiden even made a song of it on the Dance of Death album.

2. Poveglia Island (Italy)

Near Venice, this small island which once hosted a large population, became in the 16th century the place where plague patients were placed. During the Second World War, the corpses of the victims were also deposited there. It is said to be one of the most haunted places in the world. A local saying states that when an evil man dies, he then wakes up on Poveglia.

3. Timbuktu (Mali)

Ranked in June 2012 among the cities whose heritage is most threatened by Unesco, Timbuktu has seen several of its mausoleums destroyed or severely damaged by members of terrorist groups. The Sidi Yahya mosque in particular had its door knocked down. A door which, according to legend, was only to open at the end of time. Some locals claim that all the dramas that have happened in the world since are directly linked to this desecration.

4. Anjikuni (Canada)

The story goes back to 1930: a trapper goes to the small village of Anjikuni, on the edge of a lake, in the north of the country. It’s not the first time he’s come and he knows it, friends are waiting for him. However, when he arrives, he sees no one. All the inhabitants’ belongings are there but the sled dogs are all dead and all the graves in the cemetery have been dug and emptied…

5. Eilean Mor (Scotland)

This Scottish island is said to have been cursed since December 1900, when the three lighthouse keepers went missing. The men’s logbook is however found. Those responsible for conducting the research read its contents and learn that an incredibly violent storm has swept over the island, driving its three occupants to madness. However, the authorities are formal: no storm was recorded in the region on the date indicated in the newspaper.

6. Hoer Verde (Brazil)

In 1923, all of the 600 inhabitants of the village of Hoer Verde suddenly disappeared. On the spot, a note is found near a firearm: “there is no salvation. »

7. Stull (Kansas, USA)

This place would be cursed for a simple reason: a witch was buried in the local cemetery. Witch who would have had a relationship with the devil. The devil who regularly returns to visit his lover and who in the process causes tragedies in his wake.

8. Zapadnaya Lista (Russia)

This place is called the antechamber of hell. A huge abandoned naval base including nuclear submarines which currently rot at the bottom of the sea. One of the most worrying vestiges of the former USSR.

9. Nauru

Formerly, not so long ago, this small country in the Pacific was very rich. Massively exploiting the phosphate reserves, the inhabitants quickly exhausted the stocks and totally ruined the island, both financially and ecologically speaking. We then speak of a curse thrown on the population by the gods who, unhappy to have witnessed the destruction of the ecosystem by men, decided to punish them. Today, Nauru has still not recovered.

10. Samarkand

It is here the tomb of Tamerlane the conqueror which is particularly concerned. It is said that a curse weighs on the place. The tomb also displays a warning: “When I return to the light of day, the world will tremble. Precisely, on June 22, 1941, his body was exhumed. In the minutes that followed, Hitler attacked the USSR. Suddenly, Guerasimov, the man who opened the tomb, is considered by the most superstitious as the person responsible for the war. In November 1942, Tamerlane’s body was again placed in the grave according to the proper rites and the Russians won the battle of Stalingrad.

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