Top 10 cult films that are different depending on the country

With a few changes to the edit, it’s fairly simple to tweak a film to culturally suit some countries and not offend others. This is the magic of distribution. And many of our most cult films sometimes change a little, a lot from country to country.

1. The version of Pirates of the Caribbean in China partially removes the presence of a politically engaged Chinese actor

Even if the official reason is more that China considered that the vision of the Chinese was rather degrading in the film. Suddenly, Chow Yun-Fat, the actor who had an important role alongside Johnny Depp had most of his scenes cut so that he was reduced to a very small insignificant role.

2. The scene where Rose is painted in Titanic is censored in China

When the film came out in 3D, China asked that the scene be re-edited so that we didn’t see Kate Winslet completely out of sight. Well, we weren’t going to shoot the scene again, or color Rose’s body in post-production on Paint, so we just refocused the scene on the face so as not to see the boobs in 3d.

3. Captain America’s to-do-list that changes according to many countries

The to-do-list supposed to revisit important events for the character that changes depending on the country. It is sure that the events change a little according to each nation one cannot really be surprised.

4. Lincoln’s version in Japan benefited from a few minutes of Spielberg as an introduction

Lincoln traces a major stage in American history that not all countries in the world have mastered. Suddenly, Spielberg offered a few minutes explaining the personality of Lincoln but only to the Japanese spectators. The lucky ones.

5. The insults in The Wolf of Wall Street were completely cut in the United Arab Emirates

The film that we know well is stuffed with “fuck” in all sauces and ass scenes so necessarily in some slightly prudish countries it went average. This is how, in the Arab Emirates, the film was amputated by about forty minutes by removing all these attacks on morality. Apparently, that was a problem because the rendering made it a totally incomprehensible film.

6. The final scene of Pride & Prejudice has an international version (true to the novel) and an American version

Below are the two slightly different versions. Bah yes in the original book there’s no kisses on the mouth at the end.

7. Conversely, the Chinese version of Iron Man 3 is much richer and longer

The film being a co-production of Marvel Studios and a Chinese studio. In its local version, it has therefore benefited from many local cultural references, from Chinese actors (whom we see more of as a result). In short, we didn’t really understand why it didn’t stay like that in the rest of the world when it was released, but hey, for once the censorship is going the other way in China…

8. In Toy Story 2, when Buzz Lightyear talks to the other toys before their big trip to town

In the American version, in the background of his speech we see the American flag while in the rest of the world it is a globe which will replace the flag. That says a lot about the concept of discovering the rest of the world.

9. The famous “my name is Groot” from Guardians of the Galaxy was an initial mistranslation that was ultimately kept

Well yes technically you will have noticed that in English or in any other language the character/green plant says “I am Groot”. It’s only in French that the wording is completely broken. Anyway, no censorship. Just a translation error at the start which was kept, I imagine because we thought it would be funny. Huge indeed.

10. In Vice Versa the little girl does not eat broccoli but peppers in her Japanese version

The question is why? My answer is I don’t know.

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