Top 10 Cruise Destinations Of 2023 Have Been Announced. Is Your Favorite Place On The List?


If sipping margaritas on the cruise deck while enjoying breathtaking views of the ocean is your favorite thing, then you should really take a look at these top 10 cruise destinations in 2023.

Cruise Critic, an online review site, has compiled a list of the top 10 cruise destinations for this year based on thousands of user ratings and reviews submitted by consumers on their website.

While tropical destinations have always been a fan favorite, a new rising trend This year has also seen offbeat destinations like Havana, Edinburgh, Arles etc. expand for their immersive and experiential offerings.

cruise activitiescruise activities

The dominance of European countries is visible in this list. But the destination that has been chosen number one on the list, ironically, is that you can’t leave your boat to get there. Nevertheless, it has managed to impress people with its exhilarating views and unique experiences.

Any guess???

Here’s a hint. This cruise is known for its interior passage locations and the most photogenic views of the surroundings. Laugh out loud!

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Without further ado, let us tell you about the top cruise destinations for this year. drum,

Here is a list of the top 10 cruise destinations of 2023:

10. Villefranche, France
9.Dubrovnik, Croatia
8. St. Petersburg, Russia
7. Avignon, France
6. Durnstein, Austria
5. Wurzburg, Germany
4. Budapest, Hungary
3. Quebec City, Canada
2. Arles, France

And this year the award for No. 1 cruise destination goes to…

1. Glacier Bay, Alaska

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There was no doubt that these places are the most beautiful places to visit on earth and now the official stamp of the jury (travellers like us) has certified this fact. So lately if you are thinking of somewhere that is beyond your dreams, you know which international destinations to choose! Happy cruising, friends!



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