Top 10 creepy numbers about life in the office, those that make you want to work

Frankly, working eight hours a day is not a life! We are much better off playing Animal Crossing in our bed than suffering the passive-aggressive sentences of colleagues at work or the beatings of bosses. And it’s not science that will say the opposite, because “according to a study”, the figures on life in the office are bad. What are we waiting for to stop this masquerade in fact? Everyone on vacation!

1. Over 39% of our colleagues masturbate at work

More than a third of your co-workers lie eye-to-eye when they tell you they’re going to pee. In fact, they will simply fiddle with the noodle in the toilet, as revealed by a survey carried out by the American magazine Time Out in 2015. According to this survey, 39% of people who masturbate have already done so at their workplace . Moreover, a survey conducted by Ifop showed in 2010 that 54% of women in Europe have already masturbated at work and a survey conducted by the Danish daily Ekstra Bladet suggests that 52% of French people have also done so. Oh the little piggies!

2. 2.5 million French people are said to be in severe burnout since the Covid

According to the Human Footprint barometer, released in March 2022, nearly 41% of employees in France are in “psychological distress”. Which already makes a lot of people who don’t have too much morale anyway. But the situation is actually worse since 34% of French people (the famous 2.5 million), according to this same survey, are in a situation of burn-out, including 13% in severe burn-out. This situation would mainly affect young people, women and managers. And all that a little because of the Covid which has broken the morale of the French. We don’t thank him.

3. For more than half of French people, work is a constraint

A study by Ifop, published in October 2022, showed that 54% of French people get up to go to work considering it a constraint. And if in 1993, money was the main motivation for only a third of French people, today it is the only reason to get up in the morning for 45% of employees. Must say that making big money, it’s always fun.

4. The air in an open space is 10 to 20 times more polluted than the air outside

Yes, it is better to get a gas mask with an exhaust than to go to work in an open space. The latter are in fact 10 to 20 times more polluted than the outside air (unlike simple indoor air which is “only” 8 times more polluted than the air outside), according to a study by Purdue University. This is due in particular to household products, building materials, glues used for furniture, electronic devices, openings to the outside and the CO2 released by the breathing of dozens of employees huddled together. Yum yum. The problem is that in addition to being able to cause respiratory diseases and cancers, this polluted air also slows down our brains, according to a September 2021 study for the Environmental Research Letters. A good reason to burn down all the open spaces on the planet.

5. 13% of bosses delegate negotiations to a subordinate to avoid doing them

According to an OpinionWay study carried out in October 2022, bosses are increasingly stressed about negotiating with their employees (poor ladies, what is MEDEF doing?). It is for this reason that 13% of them, out of laziness to confront the problem, charge people under their command to do the dirty work for them. Not very nice, but I do the same with my parents to fill out my tax forms so good.

6. 9 out of 10 French people are bored at work

No wonder the French find that work is a constraint and that they only think of money if they get bored at the office. That’s according to a December 2021 OpinionWay poll on boreout. Of the 9 out of 10 employees who are bored at work, a quarter get bored “sometimes” and 64% “often”. And if you are reading this top, it may be that you are in this situation.

Feeling of uselessness, uninteresting work, boring colleagues… nine out of ten French people are bored at work according to an OpinionWay survey for Elevo.

Posted by Challenges on Monday, December 6, 2021

7. Nearly 200,000 employees are boarded up in France

According to the latest October 2022 report from the Institut Montaigne, the number of employees kept in their jobs without real work (which can be considered as moral harassment according to the Labor Code, we remind you) amounts to 200,000 employed in France. Which is still a lot for something illegal. This state would affect approximately 1% of employees in France and in particular women. If this is your case, know that we welcome you with great pleasure at Topito, we have super comfortable sofas.

8. Women are paid on average 22.3% less than men

Surpriiiiise mdr (no): according to an INSEE study, since 1995, the wage gap between men and women has not really changed. In 2019, women are indeed paid on average 22.3% less than men, i.e. only 5.1 points less than 27 years ago (where the pay gap was therefore 27.4% ). This gap is notably due to the fact that women “work more part-time or stop working to take care of children, and they have less access to the best paid jobs”. And according to this same study, in the private sector, for the same job within the same company, full time, men earn on average 5.3% more than women. Well that’s nice, a big thank you to all.

9. More than a third of French people are affected by “quiet-quitting”

The “silent resignation” (or “quiet-quitting” as it is called in the industry), which consists of fulfilling only the role and the schedules defined on your job description (therefore no afterwork, no overtime ‘ and not overzealous) is gaining ground in France. As an Ifop study from October 2022 shows, nearly 45% of respondents practice it since they admit to “doing just what is necessary”, therefore the bare minimum, and that 45% also admit to working only for compensation.

10. 37% of young people aged 18-34 are victims of discrimination when hiring

According to the Defender of Rights’ 14th barometer of discrimination in employment, published in December 2021, nearly one in three young people is the victim of discrimination when looking for a job or in their career. The figure shows 60% during the job interview or an interview for a promotion, with “stigmatizing remarks or discriminatory requests”. In addition to age, the survey reveals that discrimination is also based on appearance (18%), religion (11%), parental plans (11%), but also ethnicity, skin color and weight. Like what, the company is very open-minded huh…

37% of 18-34 year olds have been victims of discrimination in employment, and 90% say they have already experienced at least “a situation of devaluation” during their beginning professional life.

Posted by Defender of Rights on Thursday, December 9, 2021

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