Top 10 creepiest things about the Aokigahara forest in Japan

Also known as the suicide forest, Aokigahara is one of the creepiest places in the world. Covering an area of ​​35 km2, this wood located at the foot of Mount Fuji is indeed notorious for its suicides. There are more than 100 per year, despite the rounds carried out by the forest guards. A forest which the cinema has logically seized. In 2015, Gus Van Sant was filming Our Memories there and in 2016, a certain Jason Zada ​​produced his horror film there, soberly titled The Forest …

1. There are lots of ribbons

Nothing scary at first glance. Except yes, a little bit anyway. Ribbons arranged by people who go to the forest to kill themselves. A kind of insurance in case of change of mind. The ribbons allowing them to find their way back. Suddenly, it often happens that following these ribbons, we come across a corpse.

2. There are also a lot of objects

It’s linked. The forest is littered with objects of all kinds, left by people who committed suicide there. Bags, phones, clothes …

3. It’s full of ghosts

It would even be one of the main reasons for all these suicides. It would be enough to cross the path of one of these specters to suddenly feel a violent melancholy, with an irrepressible desire to end it. However, specialists have argued that this feeling of discomfort, which one can feel while walking in the woods, could come from a geological anomaly.

4. It would harbor a form of absolute evil

A belief that goes back a long way and that still persists in Japan today. Some people believe it dates back to the 1800s, when families brought their older members to Aokigahara to let them die with dignity. As if all these deaths had favored the emergence of an evil force which since, tirelessly claims its due.

5. It all started from Mount Fuji

We know that the forest was born following a gigantic eruption of Mount Fuji in the year 864. The lava having favored the growth of dense vegetation but also the formation of cavities and other caves which also make the object of legends as creepy as they are persistent.

6. There are more and more suicides

While one might think that the prevention policy carried out by the authorities would tend to reduce the number of suicides, the reverse seems to be happening. Experts who have found material to support the thesis of geological anomalies. It would indeed seem that suicides decrease when the geomagnetic disturbances are weakest.

7. The forest extends its influence beyond its limits

If there are about a hundred suicides per year within the woods itself, this number greatly exceeds 300 in the prefecture of Aokigahara. As if it was the region as a whole that was touched by this mysterious force.

8. It is estimated that the majority of bodies are never found.

While it is unfortunately not uncommon to find corpses in the forest, it seems that the majority are never found. Why ? We don’t really know but it’s still a bit freaking out.

9. In the forest, phones, compasses and GPS are useless.

Hence the ribbons! And if this certainly proves that the place is under the influence of geomagnetic phenomena, others see it rather as the action of demons lurking in the shadows. Anyway, no need to hope to face time in the forest.

10. Even the vegetation seems tortured

But that’s also why the forest attracts so many visitors. For these twisted trees whose roots twist around themselves, for these magnificent and disturbing caves, this abundant and atypical vegetation …

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