Top 10 creepiest jobs in the world, the ones you don’t want to do

“To each his own job and the sheep will be well cared for” said my grandfather who had neither sheep nor work, but had a love of the beautiful formula. In the world of work, some are better off than others who have to deal with tasks that are still really scary (according to each person’s phobias too). So we decided to present you some of the professions that look the scariest, whether in terms of danger or conditions because it’s good to know them like the professions that don’t have the look dangerous but still are.

1. Altitude Repairers

Well I don’t really know what these people are called in France, in English it’s called “Steeplejack” and these are the people who will climb super high to repair steeples, chimneys, buildings or buildings. If on heights of two or three floors on a scaffolding we already do not lead wide, imagine at the top of a tower like in the image below, hanging on an old rope, frankly just to talk about it I freak out my daronne in a cave.

2. Sewage diver

Diving into the sewers not only doesn’t necessarily sound like a dream, but it also looks scarier than driving down the highway with no hands while watching the movie “The Conjuring.” The problem is that the waters are so dirty that in general this kind of maneuvers are almost blind, so you advance in the dark, in the water, in the sewers where there are plenty of dead and not dead animals (I don’t know which one is the scariest).

3. Crime Scene Cleaner

We laugh we laugh, but already why we laugh I don’t remember anymore? In short, in terms of really creepy stuff, crime scene cleaners must see some green and unripe stuff, believe me. Because it’s not the cleaning man of the building who takes care of it, there we call on specialized people who are not afraid of blood, fluids of all kinds, bodies, scattered limbs and posters of Dave. Real solid people.

4. Forensic entomology

Basically, forensic entomology corresponds to studying the links between cases involving corpses and insects: succeeding in determining how long a person has been dead based on the insects present on / in their body. Basically, if you don’t like crawling insects, corpses or the smell of Roquefort, you clearly won’t like this job. Even less when it comes to going to study a corpse in the sewers next to a sewer diver.

5. Nuclear divers

We were talking about diving into the sewers, but imagine diving into the water used to operate certain nuclear plants, just thinking about it I soaked my underwear. Basically these people will dive into the tanks to clean and repair pipes, scavenge and do maintenance while exposing themselves to radiation. If in the idea the exposures are measured, we are clearly never too careful when it comes to the radioactive and we can easily imagine that few people would agree to do it since it must be part of the dangerous jobs for health.

6. Iceberg Diver

It’s not bullshit, it’s a real job and it looks really scary. Whether you don’t like being underwater, are a bit claustrophobic or don’t like the cold, diving into the cavities in or between icebergs can be incredibly scary. Between the movement of those, the current, the fact of having to drill inside to succeed in getting out, of dying of cold and being carried underwater by blocks of ice which are disintegrating, it does not clearly give , clearly not want.

7. Crab fisherman in Alaska

Ok that sounds like a joke, but according to the US National Institute of Health and Safety the job of a crab fisherman in Alaska is the most dangerous in the United States. Imagine that you have 26 more chances of dying being a crab fisherman in the states than in other jobs. The cause ? Completely crazy conditions: entire weeks spent on the trawlers, 48-hour work periods without interruption, the cold and the permanent humidity, the raging waters, the patches of ice, the visibility diminished by the storms, the risks of hypothermia… In short, you get the idea, it looks really hot.

8. Minesweeper

There are still enough scenes from movies that show how scary the job of deminer is. Walking in a super-heavy suit, opening bags left behind in trains, defusing bombs, playing deminers on a computer running Windows 95… Such is the horrible and harrowing daily life of a deminer and frankly it’s scary. In addition, it is one of the professions where there is no room for error.

9. Skyscraper Window Cleaner

Well then it’s quite logical: if you are sensitive to height and dizziness this job will not make you dream. We are not talking about washing the windows of the 5th floor of your building, but about banging huge bay windows several tens of meters high suspended from a stupid cable which trembles because of the wind to clean the windows of the office of people who don’t do anything all day except send each other GIFS. Hard.

10. Deliveroo delivery man for Father Fouras

Honestly, can you imagine hitting all the steps to get to the top of that bullshit tower?

After many times in my work I bang my head unplugging my computer charger under the table so I want to say equality level scary risks.

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