Top 10 cool things to see in Lozère, a department that has more to offer than…

The least populated department in France, Lozère is the French nature destination par excellence. The phones pick up very poorly, you are very rarely stuck in traffic, the air is relatively pure, nature knows how to be spectacular and benevolent and the water in the rivers and streams is fresh. Lozère which is home to many remarkable sites. Things to see and do without delay!

1. Aven Armand

Located at the level of Hures-la-Parade, this very famous cave which is listed in UNESCO shelters more than 400 stalagmites. There is notably the largest in the world, which still culminates at 30 meters. It is reached by a funicular and yes, it is really to see!

2. The European bison reserve

Have you always dreamed of seeing bison? That’s where you have to go. You can visit the reserve on foot, by horse-drawn carriage or by sleigh when the weather is good. And like any good animal park that respects itself (and respects its occupants), visitors never interfere with the tranquility of the animals, which evolve cushy, far from the hunters.

3. Gevaudan Wolf Park

A region steeped in mystery, land of the beast of Gévaudan, Lozère is home to another animal park acclaimed by animal lovers. A park where a hundred wolves frolic. A place which works for the rehabilitation of the animal in France and which campaigns for an awakening of consciences as to its usefulness and its non-dangerousness for humans, by insisting in particular on the fact that it has never been proven that the beast of Gévaudan was a wolf. What the movie The Pact of the Wolves proves with stunning scientific accuracy…

4. The Tarn Gorges

We can only strongly advise you to go to this place out of time, majestic as possible. By renting a canoe, for example, you can see magnificent places, such as the town of Castlebouc, whose name seems straight out of Lord of the Rings. A village built on the side of a cliff, which is worth the detour, like the hamlet of Hauterives, which is only accessible by boat and which is supplied by a small cable car. The waters of the Tarn are often calm, the weather is good all year round, even in the middle of summer, you can bungee jump, swim, picnic on the pebbles…

5. Sainte-Enimie

We stay in the Gorges du Tarn with this medieval village of great beauty, perfectly integrated into nature, in which it is tempting to stroll between two hikes to appreciate the tranquility.

6. Mende

Mende, on the scale of Lozère, is a bit like New York. The largest city in the department, which only has a little over 11,000 inhabitants, has a very old history and is popular with tourists for its astonishing cathedral in particular.

7. The Vallon du Villaret

A kind of leisure park perfectly integrated into nature, which offers games and activities for young and old. A place where it is easy to spend the day and where the facilities have been designed by artists. This gives the park a decidedly different side.

8. The Chaos of Nîmes-le-Vieux

A ruiniform site which is characterized by its many rocks of all shapes. What can I say except that walking there gives both a feeling of peace and the feeling of being on another planet?…

Top 10 cool things to see in Lozere a department
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9. Meyrueis

You can then stop off in this charming little town, located not far from the Chaos of Nîmes-le-Vieux. A town “stuck” between the foothills of Mont Aigoual and the Causse Méjean. Known for its industrial heritage and for its history, which dates back to prehistoric times, Meyrueis offers a quality of life that will perfectly suit those who want to go green.

10. The Cevennes National Park

A park that spreads over several departments, in the heart of the Causses and Cévennes, known for its biodiversity and for its breathtaking landscapes. In particular, you can follow the famous GR70 but also visit the Maison des Vautours, before going to the Runes waterfall, the Cham des Bondons or the Corniche des Cevennes.

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