Top 10 cool things to see and do in Geneva, Switzerland is cool

Switzerland’s second largest city, Geneva has a lot to offer. A major center of global cooperation, with New York, the second financial center after Zurich, cosmopolitan and culturally very rich, it is a major tourist centre. And since there is still a plethora of things to see and do, we did a little sorting, to retain only the best. Follow the leader…

1. The water jet

The Geneva water jet is not a water jet like the others. It is the emblem of the city and if it is not the highest in the world, it still rises to 140 meters. Its origins date back to 1886, with the construction of the Coulouvrenière hydraulic plant, although in the meantime, the jet in question was moved and then modified to become what it is today, that is to say a real symbol. .

2. Mont Saleve

To take a little height and discover a breathtaking view of Geneva, it’s The Place To Be! We also call Mont Salève, the balcony of Geneva. It is reached by cable car and if you can see Geneva, you can also admire a 360 degree panorama which is well worth the trip.

3. Lake Geneva

He’s the local star. The largest alpine lake. A small sea (581 km2) which shines with its majesty, straddling Switzerland and France, which lends itself to boat trips and which, over the seasons, changes its face.

4. The Barn Park

We stay close to the lake with this magnificent park, the creation of which dates back to 1660. It is particularly famous for its impressive rose garden and offers the possibility of multiple walks that allow you to taste the delicate atmosphere of the Swiss city.

5. The Patek Philippe Museum

If Switzerland is renowned for its chocolate, it also shines internationally thanks to watchmaking. And it is precisely watches that are in question at the Patek Philippe Museum, which presents multiple valuable pieces spread over three floors. Whether you are passionate about watches or not, whether you are punctual or not at all, this place appears to be a must.

6. Saint-Pierre Cathedral in Geneva

Quite original, compared to what can be found in France, this cathedral whose origins date back to the 4th century has been subject to several modifications. Remarkable for the mixture of styles (Roman, Gothic and neoclassical), it is the main Protestant church in the city but also serves as a civic temple.

7. Bastions Park

A central spot in Geneva, which in addition to hosting several events throughout the year, has a rich history. For example, there is the oldest building of the university.

8. The Broken Chair

A monument like no other, which represents, as its name suggests, a broken chair. It is located on the Place des Nations and is the work of the artist Daniel Berset. Commissioned by Handicap International, it symbolizes the opposition to anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions. The initial goal was to convince as many states as possible to sign the Ottawa Convention on anti-personnel mines. It was also planned that the sculpture be removed, but in the end it was maintained and even renovated. In 2015, a prosthesis was added on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

9. Carouge

Born following the Treaty of Turin in 1754, this city in the canton of Geneva offers a rather spectacular change of scenery, in that it gives the impression of being not in Switzerland but squarely in Italy. Easily accessible from the center of Geneva, it is home to many craftsmen and other artists, who greatly contribute to the charm of the place.

10. Plainpalais Flea Market

Of course, Geneva lends itself perfectly to shopping. We find all the big brands, small shops and luxury stalls. Nevertheless, the most interesting, especially for doing business, is to go to the Plainpalais flea market which is held on Wednesdays, Saturdays and the first Sunday of the month.

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