Top 10 concrete tips for pregnant women in the summer, it will save you

Gnia-gnia-gnia, you have to drink water, water is good for your health, the heat makes you hot, so you have to hydrate, and blah, and blah, and blah. Well concretely, what is the real advice, the real tricks for those who are ready to explode in the middle of summer? Not because they are human bombs, but because they have a puppet in the drawer (hello, the 1943 expression). Well on Topito we think of you who will soon give birth, and who can no longer sweat from under the breasts because of the extreme temperatures of more than 21 degrees.

1. Without alcohol, the party is crazier (no, but too bad)

You’re going to miss mojitos and rosé this summer, but don’t worry, you’ll have all the other summers of your life to make up for it. Plus, joy of nature, there are tons of mocktail recipes that will do the job just fine, except you won’t get drunk, and neither will your fetus.

2. Do not expose yourself to the sun, period

So yes, the sun is not dangerous for your baby and it’s already cool, but if you don’t want to end up with brown spots all over your face, avoid the sun this year, too bad, it’s not Seriously, you’ll make it up the following year. Live under a parasol with index 50 cream, it’s frankly the best.

3. Say goodbye to salt

Because salt promotes water retention, it’s sad but that’s how it is. If you don’t want your legs to look like poles, avoid salty foods, and you can continue to frolic happily like a wild duck.

4. Adopt a hippie look

To be comfortable in your clothes and not get hot, the best method is still that of the hippies: either be constantly naked (but in society that may not be practical to put into practice), or wear only long and wide dresses, which do not compress your belly or your breasts, which change in volume every day.

5. Foot baths, like Grandma Suzette

Super effective against heavy legs but also very practical for cooling off, foot baths are going to be your best friends during the summer. So yes, it’s grandma, but who cares.

6. Fuck the fleet

It’s the best thing to do if you don’t want to be hot anymore and relieve your back pain: the float. Whether at the sea, in the swimming pool, in a lake or a river, floating in the water will do you a world of good, and you will no longer feel all the weight you have to carry, it’s magic.

7. Take advantage of your state of pregnancy to do nothing at all, without an ounce of guilt

You can be excused from everything, and blame it on the pregnancy, when it’s just lazy. Nobody will dare to think about you because you didn’t take part in the shopping for the vacation home rented with your friends, nobody will ask you to take care of the barbecue, no, in concrete terms you will be able to be really cushy.

8. The racehorse technique

If your legs swell a little too much because of the heat, you can spray your shower from the bottom up, from the ankles to the middle of the thighs, with cold-but-not-too-cold water. It feels crazy you’ll see, then if it works for horses, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work for you.

9. Get up to date

It’s summer, you don’t (yet) have a child to manage, and concretely it’s your last cushy moments, you have to be aware of it. You can therefore take advantage of this time to do nothing on a deckchair (in the shade) to update you on all the Here, Closer and Oops that you will no longer have time to read once you have given birth, and know the latest MUST-HAVE gossip about England’s royal family.

10. Watch out for heatstroke

When pregnant, your body temperature naturally increases. In summer, or even worse: during heat waves, the outside temperature can be very difficult to bear, and even more so when you are expecting a child. Be careful, a heat stroke can happen quickly, so get wet, drink lots of water, and stay cool, it’s really essential.

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