Top 10 completely false myths about pregnant women, hello clichés

When you get pregnant, in addition to feeling fat, you feel different, all because we were lied to for years about what pregnancy was. It’s time to deconstruct the myths about pregnant women, let’s go.

1. She craves strawberries.

In the beliefs, the pregnant woman wants strawberries, which her husband runs to buy her so that she can gently dip them in a cloud of whipped cream, sitting cross-legged on her pretty Norwegian sofa.

In reality, the pregnant woman wants everything except strawberries, and in particular alcohol and canned sauerkraut straight from the box.

2. She puts on a great show for her “zhom” to tell him the news.

In the beliefs, the pregnant woman has prepared a small white box too cute, inside which she slipped tiny shoes and a bib “my daddy is the strongest. »

In reality, the pregnant woman told him “I think I’m pregnant”, then she did a test and told him “I’m definitely pregnant”. They were happy, of course, but that didn’t mean that he twirled her around in his arms in the middle of the room with sand carpeting and white cotton sheets.

3. She has a small “bidou”, from the first months.

In beliefs, her abs have gently faded to give way to a nice roundness at 15 days of pregnancy, if that’s not cute, ah, the miracle of life.

In reality, she is made to believe that it is already visible, but everyone knows very well, including her, that it is just because she stops drawing in her stomach now that she has the right to do so. to have.

4. She feels her baby move, from 2 months of pregnancy.

In the beliefs, to feel your baby move very early it’s easy, you need to be very attentive to him and a very good mother.

In real life, it is also said that we felt it move very early on, before we actually felt it move for the first time and realized that everything else was gas. Just gas.

5. She tells her parents the good news by handing them the ultrasound.

In beliefs, it smells of Sunday roast and the joy of being together with family. At dessert time, she says “Here, I have a little present for you. And she hands over an envelope with the ultrasound, which makes everyone cry with happiness, my God, how happy are we, just look at Claude.

In reality, she was grilled long before because she didn’t drink, so it’s a surprise for no one, but it doesn’t matter, Claude is very happy despite everything.

6. She has no preference for the sex of the baby.

In beliefs, he doesn’t care, as long as-he-is-in-good-health. Little boy or little girl, it doesn’t matter, even with a little deer she would be the happiest. (As long as it’s a healthy little deer.)

In reality, of course she has a preference, even a small one, but she doesn’t say so, out of superstition and because she doesn’t want to create trauma in utero.

7. In the evening what she likes is to take a good hot bath.

In beliefs, as soon as the day is over, she takes off her little shoes and goes off to bask in a scented bath. She stays there for hours because the baby loves it, a future Camille Lacourt, that one.

In reality, she gets pissed off in the bath, like everyone else.

8. She checks the stage of her little embryo/fetus every day.

In the beliefs, she knows perfectly well if it is rather at the lentil, bean, clementine or key of 12 stage.

In reality, she thinks she knows more or less but she fails, because she still hasn’t understood the difference of 15 days between weeks of pregnancy and weeks of amenorrhea.

9. She “feels” what’s good for her future baby.

In beliefs, she “knows”, because she already has a super developed maternal instinct. So she wants bulgur when her child needs bulgur, period.

In reality, of course, she doesn’t “smell”, otherwise pregnant women wouldn’t have been googling for decades whether MELTED raw milk cheese is OK OR NOT, and she “knows” EXACTLY at what stage. pregnancy she can drink a glass of wine WITHOUT HARMING THE FOETUS, sorry, we get angry, but it’s annoying in the end.

10. When the baby arrives, she goes on a cleaning frenzy.

In beliefs, it’s called “the nesting instinct”, and it means that if you really want to clean up everywhere in the house, it’s because you’re going to give birth very soon to a baby who will almost smell like bleach.

In reality, it’s just called “cleaning up, it’s so disgusting everywhere, lest we take custody of the little one before he even settles here”, and it’s a little bit logical. , after the physical effort provided, that it triggers labor, when you know that you are a few days away from the expected date of delivery.

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