Top 10 completely drunk (or drugged) people on television

Have you ever tried to look sober, when you were plump as a shovel? No ? I do not believe you. Band of mytho. We all know what it is, and we also know how absolutely unbelievable we are… But we try. Don’t worry, it doesn’t just happen to you. Some stars have also experienced it. Only small difference: they did not appear in front of their crush, but in front of thousands of viewers. If you don’t raise your elbow, you might even have to lift your foot a little on the drink, sometimes…

1. Matt Stone & Trey Parker

The two creators of South Park. In 2000, they went to the Academy Awards in dress (today, this fashion is becoming more popular among men. At the beginning of the century, on the other hand, it did not go unnoticed), and completely high on LSD. Nominated for best song, with “Blame Canada” from their film “South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut”, they themselves admitted to having consumed before coming. Their justification: they wanted to give themselves courage to assume their outfits in front of the photographers. Guys, seriously. It’s a bogus excuse, isn’t it? Since when do we need narcotics, to assume our bullshit??

2. Lanvin and Poelvoorde

In 2002, on the set of a Swiss show, the two friends came to promote the film “Le Boulet”. Because of a sushi story, they burst into endless laughter for… 2 minutes! The story doesn’t tell us if they were tired, or really drunk, but allow us to ask ourselves the question… One thing is certain: we have never encountered such hilarious Sushi in our lives. And deep down, we are a little jealous.

3. Poelvoorde in fact

Who said you always need a friend to come on TV drunk? Poelvoorde is an independent guy, who doesn’t need anyone to string lightly alcoholic ITWs. Whether on Belgian TV, on the set of Claire Chazal, or even on certain shoots: he admits to having carried out a few interviews completely drunk. Come on, fault confessed, half forgiven.

4.Joey Starr

Even if he doesn’t need that to go into a spin in front of the cameras, it happened several times to the rapper of NTM to present himself completely rebu on the TV sets, this video does not deny it. Very tipsy, and not just on tv, by the way… The artist also got off a plane, totally drunk, and drank his face with rum… at the Élysée. Needless to say, it’s still not trivial! Next goal, the white house?

5.Charles Bukowski

A little throwback in time: heading to the year 1978, on the set of Apostrophe, presented by Bernard Pivot. Among the guests: intellectuals, filmmakers, renowned journalists, but ESPECIALLY… Charles Bukowski. The show follows its course, but after giving his little interview, the American writer has nothing to shake from the chatter of the other guests. He cuts off, uncorks the bottles one by one, and ends up putting his hand on the thigh of a guest. This is too much for the various guests, who do not fail to point out his boorish behavior. Annoyed, he therefore decides to leave. Finally, he tries… Come on Buk, walk straight ahead, walk straight dev… Can someone carry him?

6. Gerard Depardieu

The telethylic moments of this good (very good) living are numerous. For example, in 1991, he was interviewed by France 2 for his César for best actor (obtained thanks to his role in Cyrano de Bergerac). He searches for his words, stammers and refuses to answer, a glass of champagne in his hands. In 2011, he was invited to Tonight or Never. Frederic Taddeï questions him about his profession. His answer is… original… “I’m still garbage?! I’m real trash. It means like you, like all the others who are there, on these cubes, I am a real piece of garbage. It’s because you’re filmed, that’s how it is. I could have been good, very very good. The Cannes Film Festival, president, things, garbage?!”. Before declaring Alright I’m going to piss, I can’t take it anymore“. Yes, it is well known… Beer makes you pee.

He also appeared dead drunk when his daughter received a César in 2004, but we’re already talking about it in this top drunk stars during an award ceremony

7. Anna Nicole Smith

Former model, reality TV celebrity and… colorful character, who marked the 2004 American Music Awards. Time on stage: one minute. Enough to go around the internet. The young woman, she denied being drunk on this video. Hmm. I let you draw your own conclusions, like grown-ups. I am not your mother.

8. Ben Affleck

It’s embarassing. Very embarrassing. Completely drunk, he plots the journalist live, and makes really mean valves on people with disabilities. Until then, I typed good bars in front of the videos. But there, all the same, it is serious.

9. Simon Liberati

At least he didn’t try to pretend. Slow motion, half-closed eyes, blissful little smile and messed up winks: he looks like a very tipsy guy. Only originality: he is not in a bar, but on the set of “Everyone talks about it”. A behavior that does not fail to amuse the guests, including Dany Boon. Still, he doesn’t fare too badly in his answers. When I tell you that drunkenness gives you self-confidence… Ah? Sorry ? Am I not allowed to write this?

10. Laam

After being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars on September 17, 2021, the singer is invited to DALS, the debrief, presented by Karine Ferri. We don’t know if the candidate was completely round, but the least we can say is that she was really… happy?

I see you coming… NO, I didn’t talk about Sarko during his press conference in 2007, after his meeting with Putin. Why ? Well quite simply, because contrary to what the pictures suggest, he was not drunk that day! In reality, he had just taken a huge push from the Russian president. A push, by Putin. BY PUTIN. Just thinking about it…I piss myself. Like what, it’s not just beer that makes you pee hehe.

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