Top 10 companies that lost millions in hours

The stock market is a world of sharks, just like in the movie gang of sharks except that it’s about mobsters and sharks (the animal), so ultimately it’s not that close. Ok, I messed up my intro a bit, so what are you going to do? In the middle of the stock market it sometimes happens that companies earn a lot of money in record time, but the opposite can also be true. And these stories reflect that, because it’s cool to point fingers at other people’s failures to feel better.

1. Sony, which suffered colossal losses because of Microsoft

If you do not follow the subject of the console war too much, assume that two giants are clashing there: Sony (Playstation) and Microsoft (Xbox and Pc). For some time now it is a question of who will sell the most consoles and games, and in this process Microsoft has been quite aggressive in recent months by buying up large video game studios. On January 18, 2022 Microsoft recorded the biggest purchase in the history of video games by paying Activision / Blizzard (Call of Duty, Warcraft…) for the tidy sum of 68.7 billion dollars. In the hours following this purchase Sony lost nearly 20 billion on the stock market because investors freaked out. Yeah it’s going fast.

Top 10 companies that lost millions in hours
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2. Apple, which had lost millions after a false announcement of the death of Steve Jobs

Some time before the real death of Steve Jobs, a user had posted on the internet a fake news which declared that the boss of Apple had been hospitalized and had died. In the hours that followed this false announcement, the market got carried away and the action fell by several million, until it resumed an almost normal course a few hours after the denial. Maybe the fake news came from an employee who didn’t like his boss, since Steve Jobs had as good a reputation at Apple as I did at the municipal swimming pool in Rennes (cellophane doesn’t replace a swimsuit if you never wondered).

3. Airbus which lost four billion euros due to a delay in delivery

A record loss recorded by the aeronautics giant in 2014 due to a slight delay in the delivery of an aircraft model to Qatar Airways, which caused a rather spectacular backlash in the space of a few minutes : a fall of 10% of the action for a total of four billion euros. Imagine if La Poste lost 100 balls for each delay in delivery, it probably wouldn’t exist anymore.

Top 10 companies that lost millions in hours

4. Ubisoft which lost a large sum after the postponement of two games

The French video game studio had recorded a beautiful loss in a single day, almost a quarter of its value due to the postponement of two games in 2013 (The Crew and Watchdogs). In the end, it’s a nice jackpot that flew away since the firm had lost in less than a day what it had gained in a year of growth. Violent enough to have moved the release of two games.

5. Goldin’s Collapse Within Hours

Both groups Goldin Properties and Goldin Financial had lost nearly 40% of their stock market value in just a few hours in 2015. The two companies that were linked with the solar energy group Hanergy which had lost a lot of value in 2015 had followed its spectacular fall when the market had taken off. Well since the subject is not necessarily the most exciting in the world, I’ll give you a picture of a cute kitten, you deserve it.

Top 10 companies that lost millions in hours

6. CD Rd Projekt and the controversial release of “Cyberpunk 2077”

We had talked about it quite a bit, already giving you the reasons to hate Cyberpunk just before its release, but this video game had a particularly chaotic launch. For good reason the console versions which were almost unplayable and disgusting. On the day of its release, when it was supposedly the game that would change everything, Cyberpunk caused the studio to lose almost 8% of its value. CD Red Project on the stock market, and it continued in the days that followed. A good bad buzz which is counted in millions.

7. EDF which lost 400 million euros in 2021

A trader who was a little too sure of himself had made a failed speculation in 2021, which had caused a loss of nearly 400 million euros in a few hours for EDF. The problem is that EDF is 80% owned by the French state, but according to spokespersons the loss would have been quickly reimbursed. The trader who attempted his speculation was fired and today he probably has to hide in a cave in Romania and weave wicker baskets.

8. Amazon’s 30-Minute Blackout That Loses A LOT of Money

The Amazon site has already recorded several losses due to outages which can quickly increase the damage figure. One of the most “memorable” came when the entire site was down for just 30 minutes (on mobile or desktop), and the company was calculated to lose $66,240 per minute, or $1,987,200 in just 30 minutes. Well, don’t feel sorry for the fate of Jeff Bezos either, the gentleman earns in an hour what an average American earns in his life.

Top 10 companies that lost millions in hours

9. Nike’s losses after the Colin Kaepernick case

You may remember this case where sportsman Colin Kaepernick refused to sing the American anthem to protest against police violence against black people, well the Nike brand had supported him. Several repercussions had taken place, on the one hand a loss of 3.5 billion dollars in the stock market and on the other hand pissed off customers who burned their Nike clothes while filming themselves, which is something which represents well our time of people enlightened.

Top 10 companies that lost millions in hours
Picture credits: Carolyn Davidson for Nike

10. Archegos Capital Management and the $20 billion gone

Bill Hwang was kind of considered the successful trader, you gave him your money and he multiplied it. This is what many customers did when going through his company. Archegos Capital Management, estimated until 2021 at 30 billion dollars. But in less than two days Hwang lost the equivalent of 20 billion dollars that belonged to his clients, a loss that is considered one of the most spectacular financial falls of our time. Nothing to see but here is a picture of a donut, because I was hungry when I wrote this point.

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