Top 10 Comedy Actors Who Became Excellent Drama Actors

Hollywood is a cruel world that likes to make categories of people: comedic actors and actresses, dramatic actors and actresses, actors who play in music videos, porn movie actors and so on. Fortunately, some have managed to completely break out of the shackles imposed on them to shine in a new spotlight, like these comic actors who have proven to be excellent in dramatic roles.

1. Robin Williams: Dead Poets Circle

Actor of stand-up, comedies, films for children, recognized worldwide for his humor and his ability to improvise bullshit Robin Williams broke everyone when he was spun one of his first dramatic roles. After this film, he began to change register more often until his tragic death, which we still haven’t recovered from and which we don’t want to talk about.

2. Jim Carrey: The Truman Show

While he was used to goofy comedies (which he did very well by the way) Jim Carrey started to play in more serious and dramatic stuff. The Truman show was one of the first with man on the moon but also movies like Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and the series kidding where it is truly exceptional. And lately he joined the list of actors who have retired, it’s very sad.

3. Tom Hanks: Philadelphia

At the beginning of his career Tom Hanks mainly played in light and funny films and was not necessarily the one on whom we would have bet to say that he was going to make us cry a lot of times. Then he was given the lead role in philadelphia and his career has taken a big turn, which is understandable since he plays very well there. And in addition he looks super nice, what more can you wish for?

4. Adam Sandler: Punch Drunk Love

We’re not going to lie to each other, Adam Sandler mainly acts in comedies that hit below the belt and are of extremely variable quality. But when Paul Thomas Anderson offered him a dramatic role in Punch Drunk Love everyone looked at it totally differently. That’s why behind he got other dramatic roles in funny people or in the movie super stressful Uncut Gems where he plays really well.

5. Bob Odenkirk: Breaking Bad

Before being cast for the role of Saul Goodman in the series breaking Bad and to have his own series in the name of his character, good old Bob was a regular on stand-up boards and comedies. And that succeeded rather well for him, but this role of crooked lawyer suited him so much like a glove that he was offered a lot of more serious stuff after the fact, a successful turn.

6. Steve Carrel: Foxcatcher

For those like me who knew Steve Carrel with the series The Office and his incredible role as annoying and funny boss Michael Scott we will say that we were really not ready to see him in the role of the very creepy John Eleuthère du Pont in the film foxcatcher for which he was nominated for an Oscar. He was excellent where we really expected him, but then really not.

7. Will Ferrell: The Incredible Fate of Harold Crick

An absolutely admirable career in comedy for an actor who we imagined seeing in another register, then this film arrived on Harold Crick, between drama and comedy in which Ferrell is absolutely excellent and touching. The problem is that he hasn’t made many other films of the genre behind it, preferring to show people his comedic skills and his imitation of a nail clipper that he mainly saves for weddings.

8. Bill Hader: Barry

When we work for the show Saturday Night Live for several years it is that we have a fairly recognized comic fiber. Bill Hader was a regular in the genre and comedies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall until he launched his own series barry in which he plays a hitman who discovers a passion for stand-up. And quite frankly it still freaks out a lot in some episodes.

9. Jason Bateman: Ozark

You’ve probably seen his face in Arrested Development or in How to kill your bossthen in quite a few other comedies of the genre of the 2000s / 2010s. Then he slowly began to accept darker roles until the series ozark or The outsider where he shines completely in a dramatic register and makes us forget that he was damn funny before. The mark of the greats. And then look at this little face, he looks too nice face.

10. John Goodman: Barton Fink / Cloverfield Lane

If he was accustomed to the comedies of the Coen brothers and generally more comic films, he had had several serious and dramatic supporting roles in his career. But when we saw it in Cloverfield Lane for the first time, we were all pretty shocked and glued to our seats. It was not his first attempt, however, since he was already very uncomfortable in the excellent Barton Fink, a cult work created in a hurry.

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