Top 10 colored lakes in the world, nature under acid

When it’s hot, not everyone has a swimming pool nearby. By using the Coué method, we thought that by presenting you with rather nice lakes, it would help you psychologically to refresh yourself. So yes, they are not all super fresh. Well, they’re not cool-cool, in the temperature sense, but they’re cool-cool, like the Prince of Bel Air, you know? And above all, they are as colorful as her wardrobe. And it hits hard. You have the right to cry in front of so much beauty, we won’t say anything to our friends, we promise.

1. Lake Hillier, Australia

This astonishing candy pink color would be due to micro-organisms present in the water, but even today, specialists are not sure. On the other hand, it does not come from the ground, since the water taken from a bottle retains the color. A real Barbapapa lake, in fact.

2. Waiotapu, New Zealand

Hold on to your underwear: the geothermal site of Waiotapu has 26 exceptional spots, the most famous of which is the multicolored Champagne Pool. You can also observe the Devil’s Bath and its fluorescent green color. #nofilter

3. Okama, Japan

Also called the five-color marsh, this lake is located in the crater of the Zao volcano. Why the five colors? Because it changes shade depending on the weather. This delicious emerald hue is therefore only a small sample of the beauty of the place. Bim.

4. Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

We’re talking about a blood red lake here. And it’s not the only colored lake in Bolivia: there’s also a green one, a white one… This one is only 80 cm deep, so flamingos regularly squat it. To complete the picture, as it were.

5. Kelimutu, Indonesia

So there you say to yourself we are on the turquoise lake, quite simply? Failed, he also has two boyfriends, whose colors vary over time from green to black through red and yellow, the coquinous. Even the legend around is dilapidated: each of them would house spirits.

6. Lake Retba, Senegal

AND BOOM ! A second pink lake! You didn’t see it coming huh? This one is in Senegal and owes its color to cyanobacteria. With 380 grams of salt per litre, salt has been mined here for decades. And it seems that depending on the brightness of the sun, the shade can go as far as mauve.

7. Plitvice, Croatia

Plitvice National Park is a rather successful set of lakes, caves and waterfalls. And it is therefore there that you will find this green water of a rather crazy clarity. You probably won’t want to come back to France afterwards. How we understand you. No one wants to come back from paradise.

8. Lake Natron, Tanzania

There we have a little color + pattern combo that would make more than one Greek lose his Latin. The crusts form on the surface when it is very hot and the rains no longer feed this very salty lake. So much so that it becomes deadly for a whole lot of cash, as you can see in the fascinating photos of Nick Brandt.

9. Grüner See, Austria

The first word that comes to mind when we see this lake is “jade”. As green and crystalline as this gem, the Grüner See (“green lake”, why bother) only shows up when the snow melts and disappears very quickly. As much to tell you that level timing, it is better not to miss you.

10. Grand Prismatic Spring, USA

So we saved the scrunchie for last. With the name, Grand Prismatic Spring, it gives you a clue. Located in the park of Yellowstone, which has its small reputation, it is an enormous basin (rather a source than a lake) multicolored and very hot. A rainbow crater, that’s it. Nature is crazy. But in the right way.

Don’t try to reproduce at home, you’ll shoot the tub.

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