Top 10 clothing colors not to wear (under any circumstances)

Since finding the right outfit in the morning isn’t complicated enough, we had to add an extra mental load by giving the colors of our clothes new properties. Cruel world. Shit life. Let’s live naked. It’s much simpler. Illegal, of course. But simpler.

1. Black, in summer

Well, ok, there are a few nuances to bring to this first point. Scientifically, the darker a color, the more it absorbs the sun’s rays, and therefore… the warmer it is. On the other hand, we must also consider the importance of the shape of the garment! The Bedouins, who live in the desert, often wear large dark colored tunics, with a white cotton shirt underneath. The tunic accumulates heat and warms the air present between its fabric and the shirt. This air will then rise, escape through the collar and the fabric, and, by convection, create an air current. Hey presto, a homemade fan, without electricity! Don’t think I could explain this more clearly to you. I understood absolutely nothing of what I am telling you. My hyperventilating physics teacher.

2. Red, orange and black that attract mosquitoes

Scientists have analyzed the behavior of edes aegypti, a very friendly species of mosquitoes that can transmit chikungunya, dengue and Zika. According to experts, mosquitoes are first attracted by odors, especially that of CO2, emitted by our breathing. Then, they are attracted by certain colors: red, orange and black. According to the researchers, our skin also emits a signal perceived as red by mosquitoes! Another study shows that they are more attracted to contrasts (and therefore, patterns). In short, to limit bites, opt for plain clothes, light or cold colors.

3. Yellow and orange that attract wasps

Decidedly, orange is very pretty, but it is above all anxiety! Among the hypotheses that explain this attraction: many orange things are sweet. The wasp could therefore associate the color with a sweet food source. Yellow, next on the light spectrum, also attracts a lot of critters. The reason is very simple: yellow is the color of the part of the flower that gathers pollen.

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4. White or black, at a wedding

Neither total white look, nor close color (no, beige, champagne, cream, etc: it does not work). The only case where white is acceptable: the bride is your worst enemy and you are looking to screw up her marriage. In all other situations: no. Or, just by small touch.

In the same way, black is not THE color of weddings. Generally associated with grief, sadness and despair, the message conveyed by your outfit could be a bit negative. ” Yes yes yes yes, I mourn your love. I am unhappy with your happiness. » : not very cool.

5. …And green, if the wedding is in Scotland (or in a French theatre)

In Scotland, green is said to bring bad luck to spouses. In France, this same color brings bad luck to actors, to the theater. Buy blue. It’s blue. It’s a bit boring, but it goes everywhere.

6. Bright colors in the savannah

Unless you want to turn yourself into easy prey for predators… It’s up to you! If you prefer to avoid serving as a snack to a pack of felines, the colors of camouflage, beige, brown or khaki are much more suitable.

Top 10 clothing colors not to wear under any circumstances

7. White, black, red and prints to go in front of the camera

Yes, that’s a lot of prohibitions, I understand. But it takes what it takes to turn into an actor, in fact. To put it simply white and black will complicate the balance of camera exposure. White will come out too bright and black too dark. Not phew. The red, on the other hand, will shine through the image and color things around it. Result: your face will look red or purple, depending on your skin tone. Funny, but not jojo. Finally, the small patterns make the image wobble. This is the “moiré effect”. Best way to hypnotize spectators and give them the sheaf. But hey… Not sure that’s the initial goal.


8. … Or green, in front of a green screen

When you think about it, it’s quite logical, actually. If you are wearing green, when the technicians are going to remove this color in post-production to insert another background, well… It won’t make the difference between the green of the background and that of your garment. Result: a floating head. Unless it’s to shoot a horror movie or a not very funny gag, no.

9. Yellow in Malaysia

I know what you’re thinking: “Ahhhh it’s another old law that hasn’t been repealed but that nobody has respected for decades! “. Well… You got it all wrong. This law is relatively recent, since it depends on the events of 2011! That year, activists demonstrated against the king and the government, dressed in yellow. Government response: prohibit dressing in yellow. The very definition of finding quality solutions to ease tensions.

10. Pretty much every color in Thailand, depending on the day of the week

Ok, we end on a very simple point! According to popular Thai beliefs, certain colors bring bad luck depending on the day of the week. Monday is red. Yellow and white on Tuesday. Pink and red on Wednesday. Thursday is purple. Black and blue on Friday. Green on Saturday. And finally, on Sunday… No blue. Easy, right?

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