Top 10 clothes that are bad for your health

Hello, it’s moooooi: the girl who undermines your morale (you have it?) in two stages, three movements! My passion: to deconstruct everything you thought was acquired and to question your entire existence, in a few points. I know it’s hard, but I’m doing this for you, for your good health, in fact! Today, in the section of things that will hurt all shoppaholics (shopaholics): did you know that many clothes in your closet mean you harm? Much trouble. Sniff.

1. High-waisted pants

It’s THE fashionable thing for a few years, present in all wardrobes. Although it’s very pretty and easy to wear all year round, a high waist that’s a little too tight can have harmful consequences on our health: abdominal pain and difficulty breathing properly, in particular. So we do like everyone else, we don’t hesitate to pop the button after the lunch break. Out of respect for your little organization, please.

Top 10 clothes that are bad for your health

2. Skinny jeans

For the same reasons as for the high waist, the skinny (or slim) is dangerous when it is too close to the body… It’s nerd, when the very definition of the model is to be… Ultra close to the body! A cut that can actually impair blood circulation and cause swelling. In any case, Gen Z considers that “omgggg but it’s too hasbeen to faaaait”.

Top 10 clothes that are bad for your health

3. Leggings

Olalalala my chewiiiiie but it’s not possibleeee. Nooooo but this look is CA-TA-STROPHE. Ah but it’s the icing on the cake, you’re completely off the pump ! would certainly say our dear Christina Cordula in front of this point. In addition to being terribly ugly (completely objective opinion), its over-mega-too-too-tight side can affect the proper regulation of perspiration. Everything to please this horror.

Top 10 clothes that are bad for your health

4. The pencil skirt

In the section of much much much too tight clothes: pencil skirts. Unlike leggings, the skirt has at least the advantage of being classy and glam’. Very narrow at the level of the legs, it hinders walking, and therefore… Constrains the functioning of the muscles of the lower body and weakens them. The little trick: choose a stretch material. It doesn’t solve everything, but it’s already better.

5. Thongs…

I know yes, it’s quite practical, especially for those who wear leggings, precisely. The thing is that… Worn daily, thongs can cause micro cuts and therefore: promote the proliferation of bacteria. Results: more risk of getting mycoses and infections. Very cool. So we wear them sparingly (funny name)!

Top 10 clothes that are bad for your health

6. …. And more broadly, lingerie in lace or synthetic material

Synthetic and lace retain moisture and irritate the skin. These materials promote irritation, mycoses and infections. A happy cocktail that we have already told you about in this top on everyday objects that are more dangerous than they seem!

7. High heels…

Besides the excessively annoying noise which, in my own expertise, can make you want to kill when the upstairs neighbor seems to be running marathons in high heels in her living room every fucking day of the week; real specialists agree that it is really dangerous. For the whole body. High heels knock your feet down, impact your balance, the musculature of your ankles, your legs and can go as far as impacting your spine. LONG LIVE THE CROCS.

Top 10 clothes that are bad for your health

8. …and shoes that are too flat

Like what, “finding a shoe that fits” is REALLY important. Too high is not good. Too flat is not much better. When the soles are too thin and the heels too non-existent, the consequences on the body are not crazy. Ballerinas, particularly ugly, memorizing and smelly, are often responsible for pain in the pelvis, back and neck, for example. Flip-flops require too much force on the toes and affect walking. BRIEF. LONG LIVE THE CROCS. AND SNEAKERS.

Top 10 clothes that are bad for your health

9. Large handbags

The bigger the bags, the more you put a lot of useless stuff “just in case” inside. Objective: to have almost all of our life inside. Result: well… It’s heavy. Very heavy. RIP our backs, our shoulders and this fucking scoliosis that will ruin our lives. So cool !

10. ALL new clothes

Yep…I KNOW. When we come out of a shopping spree, we have only one hurry: to wear all our new clothes. Right now. Without… Washing them first! Big mistake, ladies and gentlemen! ALWAYS put your new clothes in the washing machine before putting them on… If I tell you that they often contain various toxic products, suspected of being allergenic or carcinogenic, do you agree to comply?

Top 10 clothes that are bad for your health

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