Top 10 cities where life is good in 2022, where you want to spend happy days

Some will tell you that there are plenty of reasons to settle in Australia. Others will try to convince you that there are advantages to living in North Korea. We will tell you that you are never better served than by yourself and that France and its wonderful lands make very good lands of welcome. So here is the list of the best French cities where to put your furniture to live a fulfilling life, aka the cities where it is good to live according to the official 2022 ranking.

1. Angers

AND VICTOOOOOOORY! Angers have recovered their place as champion, the one that was rightfully theirs and which had been savagely stolen from them by Annecy last year. Well done. Today, the Angevins are on top of the world (so to speak, in real life they are in Maine-et-Loire). And I’m not saying that because I come from there (Beaucouzé tattooed on the arch of the foot), it’s just that there are plenty of reasons to think that Angers is the best city in France, and this award deserved proves it again today.

2. Annecy

We tease this beautiful city, but in addition to its real estate prices which make you want to dip your head in a basin of acid, we are still in a city of bg. Large stylish lake, nearby mountains, Swiss chocolate not far away… What more could you ask for? By the way, did you know that a majority of Annecy residents (because that’s what they are called) lost their milk teeth from the age of three? Yeah, they are people with a higher development than the others yeah.

3. Bayonne

Take dry ham, add surf, cute houses, sunshine, Spain at your fingertips and a hint of chilli and presto, you get the third city in France where you really have to settle down. So yeah, people there are a little fada with something called basketball or basque, I don’t know. But you’ll see, the area is so nice that you get used to it.

4. La Rochelle

I went to La Rochelle this summer and I can tell you that I had a great time there. People there have their hearts on their hands, they give, they give, without counting, fiou, it’s exotic. If we put aside the 10-hour queue for a restaurant on the port in summer and the ugly buildings that point as soon as we go beyond the city center, La Rochelle fully deserves its place. In addition, you can eat good ice cream there and take a short tour of the Île-de-Ré, if you feel too lacking in Parisian sores.

5. Caen

OK, admit it, it’s the Orelsan fanclub that has set up a lobby so that this city can make it into the top 5. At the same time, the kebabs are so good that life can only be delectable in this part of the city. Normandy. And then, there is also quality clapperboard and ambush galore. And that is significant data when you choose the city where you are going to spend your beautiful days.

6. Le Mans

Excuse me, but wouldn’t that be the fifth city in the West in the ranking? Well I mean, wouldn’t the people close to the Atlantic then be undoubtedly superior to the others? We are also in the second city in the ranking from the Pays-de-la-Loire, yet another proof that this region brings nothing but beauty to the world (I remind you that rillettes mancelles are one of the best things Earth can carry). Angers remains above, of course. But if ever you can’t find a place there, you can always travel a few kilometers to come and take refuge in Le Mans. We are very well there too, we promise.


Frankly, we are almost disappointed not to continue on a perfect of the cities of the West. But there’s something for everyone, you might say… And that’s how you end up with a city of old people in the rankings. Fortunately, the architecture is still nice, there is the sun, the singing accent, Christian Estrosi and Saint-Tropez a few steps away. Perfect if you dream of a city similar to Levallois-Perret but with the sea. We would have preferred Montpellier. But hey, unfortunately, it’s not us who do the ranking…

8. Lorient

Well, I spoil you the end of the ranking but here we get to the heart of the matter because the next three cities are Breton cities. And that pleases my heart a little. We may no longer have Mont Saint-Mich’ or Loire-Atlantique, but at least we can boast of having towns where people are happy and at peace. In Lorient, you can count on a sea of ​​great beauty, an inter-Celtic festival not stung by beetles and mashallah trips to the Ile de Groix. Frankly, I am starting a direct loan to become an owner.

9. Brest

You are going to tell me that there must be a bug in the calculations because life cannot be good when we have 941 mm of rain on average per year falling on our faces. Well I will answer you that first of all, in Brest, it only rains on the idiots, and especially that in Biarritz, we are still at 1450 mm of precipitation. So if I were you, I would take a good break facing the sea to enjoy a little kouign-amann and think about all that. But don’t think too much either because afterwards there are gulls that come and sting your kouign-amann and you end up really stupid.

10. Reindeer

What would a ranking of cities in France where life is good be without Rennes? Nothing, exactly. Place Sainte-Anne alone deserves to be voted the most beautiful square in the country. It would also be necessary to make the galette-saucisse compulsory at least once a week in the canteen, for the public good. I could also tell you about the half-timbered houses, the Thabor park, or the opera, but already I don’t have too much time and two, it’s better in real life. So take your one-way ticket to the capital of Ille-et-Vilaine and start a new life full of happiness.

In real life, these cities are not so crazy, pff, too overpriced… (Yeah, I say that clearly to prevent real estate prices from rising, stay at home damn it, we want to continue to like it in our area).

Source: ActuFR.

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