Top 10 cities that were screwed up by a song (we don’t say thank you)

The artists sometimes they put songs trankilou like yeah we are singers we can sing on all kesskon wants and they do not realize that they cause a lot of suffering to the objects of their inspiration. We had already told you about names that are difficult to bear because of songs, this time we are looking at cities. Admit that some cities are not immune to an irrepressible unbearable hum.

1. Memphis (fucking Eddy Mitchell)

OK I admit I don’t go there every Sunday in Memphis. And the people who go to Memphis every Sunday (who?) don’t necessarily listen to Eddy Mitchell. BRIEF, for me the city of Memphis evokes nothing other than “I was listening to the disc jockey, In the car dragging me, On the road to Memphis, On the road to Memphis, And the radio was bragging about me, Some stupid thing that put me to sleep, On the road to Memphis, On the road to Memphis”.

2. Bamako (fucking Amadou and fucking Mariam)

I do not know a person on Earth who can hear about the city of Bamako without launching into a performance 50% sung 50% danced 100% Malay “Beauu Sunday in Bamakoooo”. We don’t thank you guys for this hostile composition.

3. Luxor (fucking Philippe fucking Katerine)

Besides, it’s completely stupid because in her song, Katerine doesn’t talk about the city but about the Luxor bar. Egypt has been withdrawn since the release of this tube.

4. Amsterdam (fucking Brel)

The most distressing thing is that the smart guys who go to Amsterdam to smoke schnouffe (yes, I’m 147 years old) by invoking the words of Jacques Brel generally only know the beginning of the song. After “In the port of Amsterdam there are sailors who sing…” there’s no one anymore.

5. Capri (fucking Herve Vilard)

I don’t know if it’s Hervé Vilard or the Dummies who have done the most harm to this city.

6. Belle-île-en-Mer (fucking Vouvoul)

Honestly, I could have made a top only dedicated to Laurent Voulzy. The lyrics of his songs contaminate 75% of my discussions. “I left a navy blue walnut shell in a tangerine”, “Changing the world changing things with bouquets of roses changing women changing men with geraniums”, “Holidays in Saint -Malo and parents in swimsuits dancing at Luis Mariano’s…

Naturally Bell-île-en-Mer is no exception to the rule.

7. Auteuil, Neuilly and Passy (fucking The Unknowns)

Certainly we like to make fun of the mouths of Auteuillois, Neuilléens and Passi (boring çuilà with his song I zap and I watch, man, your stories of remote control are none of our business). But it sucks never being able to pronounce one of these towns/districts without the other two. For example, the other day, I was taking a taxi-limousine to go to a garden party in Auteuil and I immediately dropped a “Auteuil Neuilly Passy is no piece of cake, Auteuil Neuilly Passy, ​​such is our ghetto”.

8. Toulouse (fucking Claude Nougaro)

I assure you guys. There are many songs about Toulouse but Nougaro’s is hell. Last weekend I was with two people from Toulouse, each beginning of a sentence I started with a “TOU-LOU-SSEU”.

It was a great weekend.

9. San Francisco (fucking Maxime le Forestier)

We start with “It’s a blue house” (all the blue houses are fucked by the way because of the beginning of this song) and we continue on “Quand San Francisco s’embrume when San Francisco s’ignite San Franciscoooo”

10. Joinville-le-pont (fucking Bourvil)

I don’t know anyone who gets off at the Joinville-le-Pont RER station without dropping a little “pon-pon” in stride.

Well, I know very few people who get off at the Joinville-le-Pont RER station. I know two. And yet, they live together. But OK. It’s not my fault if the INSEE doesn’t give a damn and hasn’t yet released a poll reflecting the opinion of the entire local population.

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