Top 10 children’s programs with LGBTQ+ characters

Once upon a time, hundreds of thousands of children were never seen represented on TV. Once upon a time there were princes who always married princesses, and little children who couldn’t find any heroes to identify with. Fortunately, things are starting to change, and more and more cartoons or children’s programs are featuring characters from the LGBTQ+ community on the screen. We are still far from the happy ending, but still, there’s better! And frankly… It feels good.

1. The Bravest Knight

Adapted from the book The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived (2014), the television series depicts the life of Nia, a 10-year-old child, adopted daughter of Sir Cedric, a farmer turned knight, and her husband, Prince Andrew. An inclusive cartoon, which helps break the taboo among children around same-sex marriage, homoparental families, adoption, which opens the mind to the non-importance of social class. In short, a cartoon to show your children, without moderation.

2. Arthur, 22nd season

Clearly one of the best cartoons of our childhood, right? In our time, we already loved it, and when we see how the program has evolved… We love it even more! In the 22nd season (it’s starting to hurt a lot), the students are invited to the wedding of their teacher, Mr.Ratburn. The latter enters on the arm of her future husband. Yes, Mr. Ratburn is gay, married, and happy, and that… It’s nice.

3. Steven Universe, the non-binary marriage proposal

Steven Universe was created by Rebecca Sugar, who often uses her Cartoon Network series to support the LGBTQ+ community and spread inclusive messages. In one episode, we can see Ruby and Sapphire, two non-binary characters, getting engaged. For the creator, this episode was particularly important to “tell LGBTQ+ children that they belong in this world and that they deserve to be loved”. It’s beautiful, and it’s true. We love you.

4. Star VS the Forces of Evil

It is in the episode “Just Friends” of the series “Star VS the Forces of Evil” that we can see two men kissing, during the concert of their favorite group “Love Sentence”. This is the first gay kiss broadcast by Disney!


Top 10 childrens programs with LGBTQ characters

5. Welcome to the Louds and Clyde’s gay family

In addition to being my favorite cartoon (yes, yes), Welcome to Les Loud, produced by Nickelodeon, features a homoparental family: Clyde’s dads. The plot is nicely delivered in the episode “Overnight Success”: Lincoln eagerly awaits the arrival of Clyde, his bff, for their very first slumber party with pals. When the doorbell rings, Lincoln exclaims “Here we go, we’re going to make history!” “. The door opens on Clyde and his two dads. The wink is pretty, and the couple is brought in without overdoing it. We say yes.

6. … A homoparental family also at Peppa Pig

September 6, 2022: the British channel “Channel 5” broadcasts the first episode of the long series revealing a homoparental family! In 2020, a petition had been launched to this effect and had collected more than 20,000 signatures. Obviously, the creators were able to take it into account since now, the mothers of Penny Polar Bear are part of the story.

The character Penny Polar Bear introduces her two moms during the episode “Families”. A first since the broadcast of the series which began in 2004.

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7. “16 Hudson,” the gay-friendly preschool cartoon

“16 Hudson” is a series for toddlers. Kind… The 3-5 year olds, what. It is therefore the first cartoon intended for such young children which presents a character adopted and raised by his two dads. Making adoption and homoparental families normal in the eyes of the little ones, we say yes, yes and yes!

8. Doc McStuffins, a new homoparental family

A brief appearance by a female couple, in a single episode of the series. It’s not much, but it was enough to trigger a huge controversy on the side of the big holes in the c… Sorry, on the side of closed-minded people, advocating a “traditional family model” and placing themselves quite easily in the box of homophobes . It’s sad. But please, Doc McStuffins, keep trying!

Top 10 childrens programs with LGBTQ characters

9.Adventure Time

In the last of ten seasons, the romance between the heroine “Princess Bubblegum” and Marceline is unveiled on screen, with a long kiss! Too cute.

10. Luz in Ozville

Or “The Owl”, in English. The cartoon tells the story of Luz, a 14-year-old teenager, who finds herself thrown into a fantasy world. There she meets the rebellious witch Eda and becomes her apprentice. She also befriends Amity, a student, with whom she will end up falling madly in love. This is one of the first Disney Chanel cartoons to feature an openly bisexual main character!

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