Top 10 Character Sacrifices That Were Completely Avoidable

Sacrifice, in works of fiction, always works. It’s brave, it’s moving, it always goes well with sad or epic music. In short, it gives a shit and that’s what the public remembers. But every once in a while, the character sacrifices are a bit silly and could have been totally avoided. The guys are rushing to death when they could have stayed alive without it stopping the good guys from winning. It’s a bit stupid.

1. The soldier who places the bomb while El Diablo occupies Incubus in Suicide Squad

Beyond the fact that this film is an absolute turnip, this gesture makes no sense. The soldier sacrifices his own life and agrees to die under the location of the bomb while a few minutes later the good guys send a bomb and shoot it to detonate it from a distance. He could have avoided death and joined his family to tell them about his day, but he preferred to sacrifice himself. At least we understand why it’s called Suicide Squad.

2. Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z, another explosion for nothing

He blows himself up to kill Big Buu, while the latter regenerates permanently. Especially since instead of knocking out Goku a few minutes before, they could have teamed up, even merged into Gogeta, to finish off Babidi then Gros Buu. But hey, Vegeta has this thing he calls askip pride.

3. Ace in One Piece, who can’t control his nerves

He was just saved by Luffy, they are about to leave the battlefield. But no, this teubé has to respond to Aka Inu’s provocation. As a result, he has his belly pierced to protect his rubber brother. Unnecessary sacrifice, they could have just walked away and let Shanks brush the Marines. Ah boys I swear………..

4. In A Quiet Place, Lee Abbott attracts monsters by making noise and gets killed

Surely he had plenty of other ways to lure the monsters away to save his kid. He could have thrown something that made noise, like a phone or something metallic. He should have had this kind of object since he was far-sighted throughout the film. But no, he preferred to go there like a bg and give his life. Bye bye Lee.

5. Harry’s death in Spiderman 3 is illogical and preventable

He throws himself between Venom and Spiderman and gets stabbed, when he could have thrown something between the two characters. In addition to that, just before, he was on the ground and normally would never have been able to arrive in time between the two guys. Anyway, he didn’t have to do that, but we know he did it just for the movie.

6. Merlin’s sacrifice in Kingsman 2 is one of the dumbest as the guy is supposed to be smart

He had his foot on a mine and not enough spray to freeze it, so he started singing to attract enemies and blow himself up with them. It’s beautiful. But in fact, he was well hidden and could have just waited for reinforcements to help him freeze the mine and break. Besides, it was pointless to kill a few soldiers when you see how his buddies had no trouble eliminating all the others. Anyway there are theories that Merlin would not really be dead, but that we will see in the next one.

7. Ben in The Amazing Spider-Man who decided to play the heroes

To summarize: we have Peter Parker who is a little insolent with a cashier. We have a thief who doesn’t use his gun and gives Peter the item he couldn’t afford (which makes Peter a thief). Finally, we have Ben trying to stop the thief from getting away when he saw that he was armed and that he was not attacking anyone. So Ben sacrificed himself so that he wouldn’t face a guy who wasn’t threatening, even though his nephew wasn’t much whiter in the story. But what the hell is he getting into? There are police to arrest thieves. Or superheroes, at the limit.

8. There were other solutions for Walt in Gran Torino

As a reminder, the character played by Clint Eastwood decides to be killed by the gang who harasses his friends, so that they can testify against them and send them to jail. His plan worked, but no kidding, there were other solutions. He could have started by harassing the press so that it seizes this story, or collecting testimonies from the neighborhood by insisting a little on making those who did not want to say anything speak. In short, sacrificing yourself for that makes no sense.

9. Dr. Susan McAlester in Blue Scare Wasn’t Very Smart

Basically, his plan to prevent the genetically modified shark from reaching the ocean was to cut himself to lure him out with his blood. Of course, the shark ate her but she at least succeeded in her mission. The thing is, she didn’t have to be in the water herself to attract the beast. All he had to do was draw blood in the water while staying dry, and the effect would have been exactly the same. For a Doctor, she wasn’t very thoughtful.

10. Trudy could have thought a little more in Avatar

She was a soldier of the GDR and betrayed her camp to defend the Na’vis before dying in combat in her helicopter. Basically, she put herself in danger by going into battle in the colors of the Na’vis when she could have sabotaged the army of the GDR from within. She would have been 100 times more efficient and would have put herself in much less danger. Such a waste.

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