Top 10 Celebs Who Are Super Lazy

GOSSIIIIIIP TIME! Youhouuuuu! It’s time to bitch hard (hard) on the most lazy stars of our time! What to make you uninhibited if your sink is overflowing with dishes, if your room is still not tidy or if you are too lazy to go to the gym tonight (and we understand you). Next to them, you are super active, ultra dedicated, I swear.

1. Neymar

Who is it ? A Brazilian international footballer, striker at Paris Saint-Germain (like you didn’t know…)

Why is he a slacker? He said in an interview that he wanted to play for a few years in the USA, simply because their season is short and the players have long vacations.

Laziness Level: 5/10: Already, he was honest. Then, which of us has never considered the job of teacher for exactly the same reason? Which of us would spit on an extra vacation? No oneeee.

2. Arielle Dombasle

Who is it ? A Franco-American actress, singer, director, screenwriter and magazine leader (that will be all?)

Why is she a lazybones? The first confinement was a funny adventure for each of us, but even more so for Arielle! Yes, for the first time in her life, she had to go shopping at the supermarket (well, at the Grande Épicerie du Bon Marché…)!!!! HOT. A leap into the unknown that she recounted with great emotion: “ I learn to do a lot of things! I am absolutely terrified… For the first time, I went grocery shopping. It was very difficult. »

Laziness Level: 6/10, because even though it took her over sixty years to do it, she did it. On the other hand 2/10 in resourcefulness… Talking about the races as something “very difficult”… Do not mess around either.

3. Gerard Depardieu

Who is it ? An actor, singer (but no?), director, producer of French cinema, television and theater. Also the stuffed uncle of the cinema.

Why is he a slacker? Learn a text by heart? No, but are you crazy or what?? Flemmmmmeeeee. This good Gégé prefers to use a headset in which his text is whispered to him. Don’t mess around either!

Laziness Level: 8/10. Learning a text is still 50% of your basic work. Afterwards, he may just be one of the actors who have a shitty memory. Not very practical for this job, let it be said.

4. Mariah Carey

Who is it ? La reloue breaks our ears every year with its “All I want for Christmas”. All I want is for you to relax the bulb a bit with your assistants. And may this song fade into oblivion. Forever.

Why is she a lazybones? “Euuuh ptdr but did you think I was going to hold my glass (eeeee)? I don’t think so! I’m Mariah so I have an assistant paid for that in faaaaait. »

Laziness Level: 10/10. A girl is paid to hold her glass of water. Hello. Lazy or high self-esteem? My heart balances.

5. Bruno Mars

Who is it ? An American singer-songwriter, musician, dancer-choreographer, artistic director, producer, director, stylist and businessman: KAMOULOX!

Why is he a slacker? When you see the CV, you say to yourself that the guy knows how to do EVERYTHING. ALL. Except… blowing your own nose. At the same time, it’s not easy… You have to hold the handkerchief, blow through your nose, alternate left-right pressure, fold it well, go to a trash can… It’s tough.

Laziness Level: 12/10. In addition to being abused, it’s ultra-disrespectful for the guy responsible for his snot. I admit that deep inside me, something is breaking. I thought he was cooler than that, Bruno…

6. Quavo

Who is it ? An American rapper.

Why is he a slacker? He pays a guy $5,000 a day (PER DAY) to… Hold his umbrella for him. Some say it’s the best job in the world… Personally, I find it quite thankless. But for $5,000 a day, I admit I might be willing to give up all pride and self-esteem.

Laziness Level: 12/10. Level of “I throw my money out the window”: 2000/10.

7. Mariah Carey bis (or Mariah²)

Who is it ? Still the same diva.

Why is she a lazybones? Her bodyguard’s job is to tell her when there are steps, so she doesn’t fall. Nah, but she shouldn’t have to watch where she steps anyway!

Laziness Level: we don’t even count anymore. Tired of being tired.″ width=”500″ height=”589″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”true” allow=”autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; picture-in-picture; web share”

8. Lady Gaga

Who is it ? An American singer-songwriter and actress. Known for her weird moves, like wearing a meat dress. But also for his rather phew role in “A Star is Born”.

Why is she a lazybones? She needs her assistants 24 hours a day. Already, it does not show great resourcefulness. But once, she actually woke up one of the assistants in the middle of the night to ask her to change a DVD. Too tired to get up off the couch and do it herself, you know.

Laziness Level: 10/15. Let people sleep.

9. Snoop Dog

Who is it ? An American rapper, singer, music producer and actor.

Why is he a slacker? It’s well known: the artist consumes a lot (really a lot) of weed. So: lots of joints. Lazy to roll them himself: a man is employed for that.

Laziness Level: 8/10. The weed relaxes and sometimes makes everything soft in the knee. Should we speak of laziness, or of trance?

10. CeeLo Green

Who is it ? One of the pioneers of Dirty South rap in the 1990s.

Why is he a slacker? When we perform on stage, we sweat. But would CeeLo have the simplicity to mop her face alone when it drips? Of course not ! a ‘napkin’ assistant and instructed to do so. WORSE. If sir wants a chewing gum, then he just opens his mouth. His assistant must then put his little candy directly into his beak.

Laziness Level: 10/17. The very definition of laziness and abuse.

11. Bonus: Mariah Carey, again (or Mariah³… Ah, no… The valve doesn’t always work)

Who is it ? I no longer present it.

Why is it (still) a lazy? Speaking of chewing gum… Did you know that our dear diva has an assistant responsible for recovering her old chewing gum to put in the trash. NAN BUT YOU THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO APPROACH A GARBAGE? But baaaaaah but disgusting.

Laziness Level: The counter exploded. OUPSY. Note that I have only chosen 3 small points, but Mariah’s quirks are much more numerous. A real diva. But not in its coolest definition.

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