Top 10 celebrity children who have big tantrums, creepy but cute

All children have tantrums in public, at least once in their life. Way to test our limits, and to offer us a long moment of solitude. It’s no big deal, it’s life, and it’s part of the learning process. The difference between our kids and those of the stars is that nobody cares that your little Kevin rolled on the floor this afternoon. On the other hand, if it is the son or the daughter of a celebrity, there… The newspapers tear off the photos! It’s good, after all, to live in the shadows, isn’t it?

1. Prince Louis, son of Kate and William

He was the number ONE attraction of Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee: little Louis. Grimaces galore, tantrums, pouts, sulks, attempts to silence his mother… In short, he shone more for his agitation than for anything else. Some laugh, others are indignant, the English are still gaga, and the French point the finger at gnagnagnaaa education (like what… some things don’t change!).

2. Hadrien Trudeau, son of the Canadian Prime Minister

Ok, stop everything, I found my new idol, there. Hadrien, Justin Trudeau’s youngest child, doesn’t seem to appreciate all these serious, long, and very boring official ceremonies. And since he’s a straight kid in these boots, he obviously doesn’t want to pretend. Really, the third photo in the tweet below… I can’t get over it.

3. Jameson Moon, Pink’s son!

On the occasion of the 60th Grammy Awards in January 2018, Pink arrived with her children and her husband. The perfect opportunity to have your family portrait taken! Finally… It was without counting on Jameson who was not really enchanted by the idea. At the same time, smiling while shouting “cheeeeese” before getting a flash in the face, well… We understand that it makes you really want to.

4. North West, Kim Kardashian and Ye’s daughter

In 2019, it was the mother herself who decided to display her daughter a little by posting images of her in the midst of a crisis. The reason ? Kim refused to let her wear her pink snakeskin boots. No… There… I have no excuses for her… It’s indecent. Too hard life when we are not allowed to put the skins of dead animals on our feet, yeah. Did you already realize that North West, in French, means North West? Raaaah it’s ok, if we can bitch more on the names of children of stars… You were funnier before, Sud-Est.

5. Olive and Frankie, daughters of Drew Barrymore

During an expedition to Disney World, the two young girls of 4 and 2 years old took turns having a good big tantrum, to roll on the ground. Mom’s reaction? Turn the situation ridiculous by transforming this moment into a photo shoot… We can be sure that the pictures will join the PowerPoint of the 18 years and the marriage of the two children!

6. Blue Ivy Carter, daughter of Jay-z and Beyoncé

During the 2018 Grammy Awards, a video of Blue Ivy went viral. At the same time, he’s clearly the only person on earth who can ask these two planetary stars to keep the noise down. In a single wave of the hand. Good… After… Saying “please”, it’s less diva than a wave of the hand, all the same.

7. Suri Cruise, daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

As a child, Suri Cruise was talked about several times for her little tantrums, especially in 2012, when her mother confiscated an ice cream from her in the middle of a walk in the streets of New York. Nothing frightening, in short. If someone steals my food… I don’t cry, I bite. And it is surely much worse, right??

8. Jackson Theron, child of Charlize Theron

In 2014, the paparazzi released photos of Jackson flatly refusing to get into his mother’s car. Other shots show the child in full crisis, in the middle of the street, after his music lesson. So. Big scoops, huh? Who has never had a crisis like that, at 5 years old, in fact?

9. Moroccan, one of Mariah Carey’s twins

While the diva (the real one, even in her everyday life… Yeah I swing, yeah) was posing for the photographers, in front of her star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, her son decided to slightly disrupt the session. Basically, he just wanted to hug his mother and it went into a crisis when we separated him… At the same time, NORMAL.

10. Honey Boo Boo, on the set of Dr Drew

Good, ok… I cheat a little since it is about a child star and not a child OF star. But hey, in the capricious/capricious team, Honey Boo Boo (Alana, her real name) really had her place. In 2012, during a television interview on the set of Dr Drew, the young girl pretended to fall asleep, before flailing her arms and screaming. Even if she’s a child, level of respect towards the interviewer… OK.