Top 10 celebrities with the most modest graves, and the golden statue then?

We may have known the stars in our lifetime and been the object of the most fervent admiration and rest very humbly underground. Like the 10 celebrities in this top, whose graves are distinguished above all by their modesty. Especially if we compare them to those of big names like Oscar Wilde, Johnny Ramone or Lady Di and of course Elvis…

1. Jim Morrison (Paris, France)

The Doors singer’s grave wasn’t always so modest. Formerly, one could thus admire a beautiful bust of the artist. A sculpture regularly tagged, like the other tombs around, by Morrison fans. And then one day, the bust disappeared… If the official version affirms that it was stolen, others think that the management of Père-Lachaise preferred to remove it to discourage the overzealous fans from coming en masse. and to engage in the kind of activities that led to the erection of barriers at the site. Today, therefore, the tomb of the Lizard King consists of a simple stele on which appears his full name, James Douglas Morrison, with the inscription in Greek “faithful to his own demons”. A burial wedged between several funerary monuments, rather difficult to locate, regularly flowered and decorated with various objects related to the work of the one who rests there. Or not because after all, if it is, Jimbo is doing wonderfully and hits the box with Elvis every Sunday evening somewhere under the coconut trees…

2. Pierre Desproges (Paris, France)

If the tomb of Pierre Desproges at Père-Lachaise is so modest, it is also because that is exactly how he wanted it. A small garden surrounded by a barrier with inside, a simple plate laid out on the ground in which its ashes were mixed.

3. William Shakespeare (Stratford-up-Avon, England)

It is in the Church of the Holy Trinity in Stratford-upon-Avon that the great William rests. No frills. But if it is, the William, he never existed. In any case, that’s what they say… And if not, in a more grandiose way, he was also entitled to his statue in the corner of the poets of Westminster Abbey in London.

4. Duke Ellington (New York, USA)

One of the greatest jazzmen, Duke Ellington is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. A very simple grave. Just a cross. On the other hand, and this is quite legitimate given his considerable contribution to the world of music and art in general, he also has his star on Hollywood Boulevard.

5. Audrey Hepburn (Tolochenaz, Switzerland)

Emblematic actress, a true icon seen in particular in Diamonds on the sofa, Audrey Hepburn rests for eternity in Switzerland. An extremely sober burial.

6. Sylvia Plath (Heptonstall, England)

American poet Sylvia Path has not had a particularly easy life. A great writer hit hard by depression. This one having pushed her to commit suicide in 1963, by putting her head in the lit stove. She rests in a very simple grave, bounded by stones, in England.

7. Charles Bukowski (Rancho Palos Verdes, USA)

Charles Bukowski is undoubtedly one of the most popular American writers. A complete artist who achieved success late in life, known for his outspokenness, his love of booze and women and his propensity to do the exact opposite of what was expected of him. His tomb, which consists of a stele simply placed on the grass, bears the epitaph “Don’t try”.

8. Frank Sinatra (Cathedral City, USA)

A crooner among crooners, a member of the Rat Pack with Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin, Frank burned the candle at both ends. The high life! During his lifetime, nothing was too beautiful, too big or too expensive. His tomb is curiously very modest. A simple stele on which appears his full name, Francis Albert Sinatra…

9. Serge Gainsbourg (Paris, France)

The Gainsbourg family grave, where the singer rests with his parents, is classic. The objects and multiple testimonies of love, with a maximum of metro tickets, which are strewn on the other hand, make the burial, it is true, quite spectacular. Just like the walls of his old house rue de Verneuil. A tomb that is among the most visited in the Montparnasse cemetery (in all of Paris, for that matter).

10. Simone de Beauvoir (Paris, France)

An essential figure, author of Les Mandarins, who was awarded the Goncourt prize, icon of feminism, Simone de Beauvoir rests with her companion the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, in a tomb in the Montparnasse cemetery, not far from the last resting place of the great Serge. A tomb again very simple that it is easy not to notice if you are not careful.

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Vivieron in Paris. Fueron dos grandees escritores y philosophers, Jean Paul Sartre y Simone de Beauvoir, an intellectual pareja que superó todos los patrones de la época. Ambos fueron clave, sobre todo ella al publicar El segundo sexo, en la lucha por el papel de la mujer. Tan sólo en EE.UU el libro tuvo una tirada inicial de un millón de ejemplares. Estuvieron juntos decenas de años, desde muy jóvenes. Al morir Sartre, the most famous vecina del Barrio Latino de Francia, Beauvoir, wrote: ”Su muerte nos separa. Mi muerte ya no nos unirá. Así, es ya demasiado bello que nuestras vidas hayan podido juntarse tanto tiempo” Y dijo esto la mujer para la que la belleza era aún más difícil de explicar que la felicidad. los separó para nunca volver a unirlos.

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