Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Killed People (Or Are Highly Believed To Have)

Crime isn’t always sordid, it doesn’t always take place in two-room kitchens in dreary suburbs. Sometimes crime gets covered in glitter and shines. It shines so much that it looks like rhinestones, by the way. When you’re high on money, there’s a great temptation to take big swigs of alcohol and stuff yourself with drugs and then murder people because they upset you. Finally I imagine. I’m not broke.

1. Sid Vicious

The Sex Pistols bassist was dating Nancy Spungen, a prostitute with whom he shared a lot of sex and also a heroin addiction. One morning in October ’78 that they had exchanged fluids and syringes, Sid Vicious wakes up next to Spungen’s stabbed body. The 20-year-old girl died, in a Chelsea Hotel room (one of the most famous hotel rooms in the world). Vicious is arrested, but assures that he didn’t kill the girl.

The police eventually release him, believing that it is possible that the girl was killed by drug dealers. But we will never know the end of the story, some lean more towards the thesis of passionate murder after a quarrel caused by the lack of drugs. In any case, Vicious will die a few months later from a more or less intentional overdose.

2.O.J. Simpson

Well we know the whole story. OJ Simpson, American football star turned actor, murders his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. Chase, TVs on 24/7. Simpson killed them, that’s for sure. But by a sort of strange pirouette, he is acquitted in criminal proceedings and found liable in civil matters. He spits damages, but escapes prison.

3. Claudine Longet

The actress Claudine Longet, born in Paris in 42 but who has spent her entire career in the United States (it is in particular she who gives the reply to Peter Sellers in The part) had an affair with an American alpine ski champion in the name not possible, Wladimir Spider Sabich. In 76, the ski champion returned from training and took a bastos in the stomach, from which he died. Longet explains that she killed her lover by accident, the weapon’s safety catch being defective. She spends 30 days in prison for manslaughter, but her career takes a very big hit.

4. Snoop Dogg

At 22, Snoop Dogg, who is called Calvin, has already made short stays in prison for dealing and recorded a little gangsta rap. Spotted by Dr. Dre, he’s sold 5 million copies of his debut album, which is kind of a crazy thing for an unknown dude. And Snoop Dogg hangs out with a gang a bit, too, back then. On August 25, 1993, he had to settle a story with the said gang: he found the members in a parking lot, accompanied by his bodyguard. A gang member then pulls out his gun and the bodyguard shoots him twice in the body. Snoop Dogg disappears, then reappears the evening of a ceremony where he is captured by the cops. Snoop Dogg will be exonerated, the jury considering that he acted in self-defense. And history will give him an unexpected advertisement for his first album.

5. William Burroughs

Then a young, somewhat artistic wanker, William Burroughs was not yet the writer we would know when, in the arty New York of the Second World War, he met Ginsberg, Kerouac and all the rest, as well as a lot of gangsters. Burroughs does detective work and lives a movie life; at the same time, he takes morphine and marries Joan Vollmer, a young intellectual, with whom he goes to live in Mexico. And there, in 1951, one evening, he drinks too much and wants to do the Guillaume Tell trick again. He puts a glass on his wife’s head, takes a gun, misses and kills Vollmer. Imprisoned, he is released, completely depressed, tries to wean himself and ends up writing.

The drama : It was there that in 1951, Burroughs, somewhat tipsy, had the great idea of ​​re-enacting the exploits of William Tell. He aims for the glass that his wife is holding on her head, misses it and knocks her down. Another flight from the country, this time to go to France.

The penalty: Revealing. “I have to admit that I would never have become a writer without Joan’s death”will write the author in Queer. Drowned in drugs and depression, he comes out and delivers to the French publisher Olympia Presse a montage of scattered notes written under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs, cocaine and heroin. It is The Naked Feast, his first obscene, paranoid, haunting masterpiece. After being banned for 10 years, the work became the bedside book of the intelligentsia of the 1970s. In Paris, a reading was given at the Center Pompidou and Jack Lang awarded the Medal of the Order of Arts & Letters to Burroughs. In New York, the latter hangs out with Debbie Harry, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Patti Smith, and then Gus Van Sant and Kurt Cobain, of whom he is the idol. A bad omen?

6. Phil Spector

Producer of the Beatles at the end, the Ramones, Leonard Cohen, Tina Turner and other people so famous that he no longer felt like farting, Phil Spector was known to love shooting guns. Like crazy. He robbed artists to force them to play and did other crazy things that the world excused because of his talent. And one day, it twisted a little. In 2003, returning from an evening well soaked with a series B actress, Lana Clarkson, he brings her home (to do some inappropriate stuff). Three hours later, he shoots her in the head. He recognizes him from his driver, before telling the cops that the girl committed suicide. My eye. He was sentenced to 19 years in prison.

7. Gig Young

Nobody really remembers him, but he was no loser, Gig Young. We’re talking about a guy who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in We finish the horses well. And Young was also a rider, married 4 times, whose last story was tragic. When he was 64 and his young wife 21, just three weeks after their wedding, the couple were found dead in their New York apartment. Young had shot his wife before killing himself. We never found out why he did that.

8. Michael Jace

Second class actor who chooses rather good films (Forrest Gump, Boogie Nights, Strange Days), Michael Jace won the timpani by landing the role of Agent Lowe in The Shield. Not a star, but a known guy. And on May 19, 2014, Jace’s neighbors called the police after hearing a gunshot coming out of the actor’s home. The cops arrive and find his wife dead from a bullet in the head. Michael Jace admits having murdered his wife: he himself called the emergency number to accuse himself of the murder. The murder followed a domestic dispute. After ten years of marriage, it’s a bit stupid. Jace got 40 years in prison.

9. Christian Brando

Marlon Brando’s son, Christian Brando, was a bit of an actor and a bit of a failure. In 1990, he shoots his stepsister’s boyfriend, Cheyenne, as the two men are in a tough argument, with Brando accusing the guy of raping his sister. The sister takes place in the house of Marlon Brando. Christian was sentenced to 10 years in prison and released after 5. Several years later, during the assassination of Bonnie Lee Barkley for which actor Robert Blake was on trial, it was learned that Christian Brando had a relationship with the victim . He will be suspected for a time of having participated in this murder but will come out cleared. Christian Brando died in 2008 of pneumonia.

10. Suspected then dismissed from the investigation: Alain Delon

In fact, more than the Delon affair, it is the Markovic affair. A case so complex that we are not going to deal with it from start to finish, but to put it simply, here is the story: Markovic was a Serbian semi-mobster whom Delon had hired as a handyman when Pompidou was Prime Minister. Markovic had the bad idea to sleep with Nathalie Delon, then married to the actor, and Delon fired him.

Markovic was found dead in a car trunk a few days later. Delon was suspected of the murder for a time, but other leads have emerged: Markovic was indeed apparently conducting a lucrative blackmail business by threatening personalities, including politicians (the Pompidou were in the spotlight) to disclose compromising photos (mean unbridled ass or orgies). In short, a huge thing that hit the headlines and was thoroughly exploited by the enemies of Pompidou who, at the time, was not yet president. In reality, it was François Marcantoni, a Corsican mobster, who was tried (and acquitted) for the murder, a murder he probably committed.

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