Top 10 casting meetings that moved us, the reunion of the chiale

Some film or series castings have become iconic and have marked us, because following a series is like having a new group of friends and when it ends it’s always good to find them again a few years later. Over the years, it has become a fashion to hold casting meetings, special events during which members of a film or a series meet and inevitably it melts our hearts a little.

1. The cast of “Back to the Future”

More than thirty years after the release of the third part of the best trilogy in the world (yes I assume it) the two leading actors found themselves at a Comic-Con and it was extremely moving to see them together. If you feel like nostalgia, check out the details you didn’t notice in Back to the Future, there are some nice surprises.

2. Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary Reunion

Sure enough, when a Harry Potter cast reunion special was announced, a whole generation started jumping for joy and pulling out their fake wands. Already it was super nice (like Hedwidge lol) to see the actors talk about the movies and the importance it had for them, but it was also touching to see them older and together, like a big family.

3. The “Friends” Cast Reunion

Well, Personally Friends I find it boring like the rain but my colleague Louise (the one who smells of onions and hides her charm very well) has already done a top things to remember about the Friends cast reunion and apparently it was half-funny, half-embarrassing but also touching.

4. The cast photo of “Lord of the Rings”

This one is worth its weight in gold, a photo that is enough to make viewers cry as when the call of Gondor resounds in the hollow of the misty mountains. I make cases ok, but this photo I’m sorry it gives me more hair than there is on a Hobbit foot.

5. Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum from “Jurassic Park”

For hardcore fans of the first (and best) film in the saga, seeing these two little guys together is priceless. In any case it’s much cooler than seeing them in the other bastard of Jurassic World.

6. The reunion of the cast of “Narnia”

This series of films marked the childhood of many spectators and it must be believed that this image pleased many people. Personally, I’ve never seen the face of any of these people, but they all look nice and friendly and I really want to share their meal.

7. The “Scrubs” Cast Reunion

Comedy series that deserves a much larger audience and notoriety, Scrubs was important to a lot of people who automatically feel emotional to cry about their race when seeing this cast reunion photo as when they read the best lines of Scrubs.

8. Malcolm’s Team Zoom Meeting

We’ve all had very boring Zoom meetings, like those for work or family gatherings where everyone talks at the same time. But this meeting there everyone would have loved to participate because they were almost all there. Look at all those playful smiles from the best series of our childhood.

9. The reunion of the cast of “American Pie”

Ok it’s not great cinema, ok it’s not great art, but in real seeing the actors like that more than 20 years after the release of the saga it does a little something. You recognized the one who fucked his dick in the pie? That’s what everyone has called him for over twenty years. There are roles that stick to the skin.

10. The reunion / reboot of “The office”

So be careful, it’s not out yet but it’s going to happen in 2022. It’s hard to say from this trailer if it’s going to be something good or something we could have done without, but it’s a little something to see them all together a few years later. Check out The Office best moments, that’s an order.

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