Top 10 cartoons that traumatized children of the 2000s

1. Spirited Away – 2001

Spirited away is a Miyazaki masterpiece and one of my favorite movies. However, I was a bit freaked out the first time I saw it. Already, Chihiro’s parents are transformed into pigs and this image is absolutely terrifying, but in addition, throughout the film, we see the horrible transformations of the Faceless, this deformed monster who expresses himself by sighing.

2. Angela Anaconda – 1999

Angela Anaconda, it’s the somewhat boring story of a child who goes to school, who has friends and enemies and who loves pizza: nothing too scary in the scenario. The problem is the animation. While Pixar is capable of producing an animated masterpiece like Toy Story 2, we are shown this kind of horror on television. The generic is enough to cringe.

3. Finding Nemo – 2003

The world of Nemo, it’s nice and good child. Except one scene: the scene of the anglerfish, the fish of the depths. Even today, this moment gives me chills.

4. The Funeral Wedding – 2005

“Hey, what if we made a cartoon where a creepy guy marries a corpse who takes him by force into the world of the dead? “Good idea Tim, let’s do that!” “. We know that the world of Tim Burton is a bit creepy, but I was probably too young to see Funeral rites when he came out.

5. Marcelino – 2001

Marcelino is a little boy who was abandoned by his mother at birth at the door of a monastery. He is therefore raised by monks and has the power to talk to animals, so far the story is quite nice. Marcelino seems happy but his biggest wish is to find his mother. One day, he discovers a statue of the crucified Christ in the attic of the monastery and brings him bread and wine every day. On his sixth birthday (the last episode of season 1), Christ offers Marcelino to grant one of his wishes and the child asks to find his mother. Christ accepts without specifying that he will join his mother in Paradise, thus causing the death of the child. Huge crying and terrifying childhood memories.

6. Up – 2009

I don’t think we need to spend hours on the subject. up there = total crying for the flashback scene with Carl Fredricksen’s wife. Already as an adult it’s not easy, so at 10 years old…

(I cried while writing this top while re-watching the scene below)

7. Martin Mystery – 2003

Martin Mystère is a 16-year-old teenager who works for a secret organization specializing in paranormal phenomena. When he’s not in high school, he hunts down evil beings and other super creepy monsters. Unlike disguises in Scooby-Doo, the dastardly creatures of Martin Mystery were really very scary and even the places of investigation were super gloomy.

8. Brother Bear – 2003

Bears’ brother, it’s a wonderful story about the bond between humans and animals and about nature that must be respected. It is also the story of a guy who kills the mother of a bear cub and who becomes friends with this bear cub without telling him that he is the murderer of his mother. When Koda learns the truth, tears come out of my eyes on their own, forming a small lake at my feet.

9. Happy Tree Friends – 2000

We go a bit out of the cartoon register for children since Happy Tree Friends is clearly aimed at teenagers. Yet, like all children growing up in the 2000s, you watched Happy Tree Friends much too young and it traumatized you a little. Oh, the cute little animals that get their mouths cut off and die in absolutely disgusting situations!

10. The Little Dinosaur and the Valley of Wonders – 1989

So yes, I know, The Little Dinosaur it dates from 1989 and in this case, we could also talk about the Lion Kingof Tomb of the Fireflies and of Remi without family. The thing is that the adventures of Petit-Pied spent years on Tfou and we were just as traumatized by the death of mother Long-Cou as any child who grew up in the 90s. -we mourn in peace, thank you.

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