Top 10 capitals that have the same name as their country, like if Paris was called…

Sometimes countries have a name. Sometimes cities have the name of a country. And sometimes it happens that these cities are the capitals of the name of the country they bear. And that’s just a SICK THING. Or something lazy, it depends… In any case, it seems that there is no other explanation than a simple coincidence, so don’t expect startling revelations but just a good way to spread your culture around the next Trivial Pursuit (unless you came across an original Trivial Pursuit for people who have bet all their general knowledge on a single subject like the series Friends for example when it was enough simply to do our quiz “How big of a fan of Friends are you?”).

1. Mexico – Mexico City

Some finicky people would be damned to plunge our noses into the mire by declaring loudly that the capital of Mexico is not “Mexico” but “Mexico City” and that suddenly we cheat a little on the edges. Well yeah but in English sorry it’s Mexico/Mexico which makes the inclusion of this capital valid so calm down.

2. Guatemala – Guatemala

Not only does the city have the same name as its country, but also the same name as its department, which is why the natives call it Guate, or “Ciudad de Guatemala”.

3. Kuwait – Kuwait

At the same time in this capital there are about 2,400,000 inhabitants, or 90% of the country’s population. So it’s true that after a while we had to say to ourselves “well come on Jean-Paul we don’t get bored anymore you stick me the name of the country on the capital it’s kif-kif people don’t go there will only see fire. But that was reckoning without Topito and our thirst for investigation.

4. Panama – Panama

The city is located at the entrance to the Panama Canal and is the capital of the province Panama, in the country Panama. I have the impression that Panamanians are a little Panama-centric.

5. The Republic of Djibouti – Djibouti

Country located on the Horn of Africa and whose national anthem is also called Djibouti. Need to renew a little guys.

6. The Republic of Singapore – Singapore

One of the most famous city-states: 719 km² on the clock and 63 islands. It is quite simply one of the most developed countries in the world. But don’t look, too many of us want to beg for a piece of roof.

7. The Principality of Monaco – Monaco

And in Monegasque the city is called Munegu-Vila. Charming isn’t it? I really don’t understand this country. If, like me, you have lots of questions about Monegasques, know that we have already answered them.

8. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – Luxembourg

On the other hand, it has nothing to do with the Parc du Luxembourg in Paris. Do not put all Luxembourg in the same basket.

9. The Serenissima Republic of San Marino – San Marino

Fifth smallest state in the world, it is also the oldest republic in the world, its constitutional system dates from the 16th century. Incredible isn’t it?

10. Vatican City State – The Vatican City

Yeah, it’s nice to have put the word “State” in front of it, but it’s okay, you guys have been grilled, you just wear the same blase. Moreover, the smallest state in the world, there were 914 inhabitants in 2014. PARTYYYYY.

Some would be tempted to add Brasilia for Brazil, Tunis for Tunisia, Bissau for Guinea-Bissau, Algiers for Algeria, or even San Salvador for El Salvador or Sao Tomé for the Democratic Republic of Sao Tomé-et-Principe or even Andorra la Vella for Andorra. But no. It does not work. It’s not EXACTLY the same. Yes, we are purists.

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