Top 10 brand logos that initially freaked you out

There have been many logo changes over the years from major brands around the world. Sometimes, we are disappointed with the evolution because the new logos are missed; but when we find out what the logos of these brands looked like at the very beginning, we are rather relieved.

1. The first Laughing Cow mascot

In 1921, Léon Bel was looking for a name and a logo for his new cheese. He then remembers the illustration of a laughing cow, symbol of his unit during the war. The vintage drawing was nicknamed the “Wachkyrie” in reference to the Valkyries, which is why Léon Bel called his cheese the Laughing Cow. He then called on the illustrator Benjamin Rabier to draw the original silhouette of the Laughing Cow.

2. The angst of the first Shell logos

Before becoming the familiar red and yellow seashell that we dread seeing on highway rest areas because of 2-bullet-a-litre fuel, the Shell logo was a realistic seashell, colorless and a little chilly. At the same time, it was in 1904 so we forgive them.

3. The Canon logo a little too strange

Originally, the Canon brand was simply called “Laboratory of Optical Precision Instruments” and their very first camera was called Kwanon. This name is derived from that of a Chinese goddess in Buddhist mythology and the logo is then inspired by this deity. The company then adopts the name Kwanon but the problem is that the Japanese brand is afraid of not succeeding in attracting the American market. They then decided to change their name to Canon in 1935.

4. Starbucks Naked Siren

The Starbucks logo has always been a mermaid, but it has changed quite a bit since 1971. The mermaid was originally inspired by a Scandinavian woodcut. She has bare chest and holds her double tail with her hands. In 1987, the new owner of Starbucks modernized the logo and chose its new green color. It is also decided to lengthen the hair to hide the chest so as not to shock the very prudish American public.

5. The Google logo that looks like a bowling alley animation

Google’s very first logo dates back to 1997 and was soon changed because it was just plain dastardly. Ugly and illegible, the disgusting 3D logo was actually a test version. Fortunately.

6. McDonald’s Weird Guy

From 1954 to 1962, the very first McDonald’s logo depicted the mascot of the time, Speedee the cook. This was long before Ronald McDonald was born and before the “M” became the brand’s symbol. He was downright freaking out with his seductive wink, the Speedee…

7. Adidas’ creepy shoe

The Adidas brand was founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler, who gave it his name. The latter has then already created the visual identity with 3 stripes but it does not appear immediately on the logo. The very first logo is a downright menacing cleated shoe that seems to be in prison behind two vertical bars with the designer’s name (whose first name is no longer really popular).

8. Nokia’s Funny Fish

When the Nokia company was created in 1865, it specialized in rubber boots. The name Nokia comes from Nokianvirta river, that’s why the logo was this ugly fish. Fortunately, the brand has diversified over time and had to abandon its filthy logo.

9. Warner Bros. Logo Anguish

At the start of the 20th century, the Warner brothers entered the film industry. With the money they earn, they open the Warner Bros business and choose to have their studio premises appear on the logo. It makes me crave.

10. Playboy Bunny

The very first Playboy logo was already a bunny but it was much more detailed. We could see him in a bathrobe in his living room with a glass of alcohol. Strictly speaking, it’s not creepy, but it’s still awfully reminiscent of DSK and that’s enough to worry us.

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