Top 10 Books That Are Very Very Different From Their Adaptation They Read Between…

When a story moves from the literary world to that of the screens there are always changes, it is inevitable. Some authors love to adapt their works, but that doesn’t always happen, because sometimes the adaptations don’t respect the source material at all and radically change certain stories. We therefore suggest that you see some examples of adaptations that no longer have much to do with the initial novel, those that do not respect anything.

1.Forrest Gump

Attention the film was so different from the book that the author hated the adaptation of his work, just that. And between the end which has nothing to do (but literally nothing to do), the character who is much more complex in the novel and less simple than in the film there was reason to be a little annoyed.


Here too the author really hated the adaptation of his novel and we can understand that. Already the first third of the book has been completely cut from the adaptation, and if it does not take place in the famous hotel it helps to understand the psychology of the characters and what leads the father to freak out. The rest of the story as well as the ending are also very different and apart from the fact that it takes place in a hotel there is not much in common.

3. World War Z

Quite honestly, if it was to make something so different, you didn’t even have to bother taking the basic book as an adaptation, it was enough just to make a zombie movie. In the book the famous zombies are slow and weak, nothing to do with those on amphetamines that we see in the film. As for the story, it mainly tells that of survivors who explain how they got out of it, while that of the film shows Brad Pitt drinking Pepsi between two hectic action scenes.

4. I Am Legend

If you remember the film well, you know that in it Will Smith plays a very talented scientist who tries alone to find a vaccine to save humanity. Nothing to do with the character of the book who is a worker who simply tries to survive. But it is especially the end that is changed since in the film Will Smith sacrifices himself to save his research and a potential vaccine he has found while in the novel it ends when he understands that the creatures are so afraid of him than he of them. He is ultimately the aggressor and not the victim, which is very different.

5. The Hobbit

If there were already major differences between the Lord of the Rings books and movies, The Hobbit has undergone even more changes. Inevitably when you adapt a very small book for young readers into a nine-hour trilogy you have to embroider A LITTLE and add all kinds of stuff that doesn’t exist. Everyone shit on the movies, so I think I’m the only one who liked this trilogy.

6. Dunes

Those who have seen David Lynch’s Dune and read the novel know that there are many changes. The director himself denied his adaptation since the Universal studio forced him to cut a lot of things in his initial film which lasted almost 4 hours. The big problem with the adaptation is the addition of incomprehensible technical jargon and a script much more complex than the story of the novel.

7. The Little Mermaid

Well, we are not going to dwell on the different adaptations of short stories and tales by Disney because there would be enough to make a top of them, but let’s take the example of The little Mermaid. Already forget the duffel fish and this kind of crap that sings underwater, it’s not at all in the tale, instead the mermaid agrees to have her tongue cut out and lose her speech forever in exchange of legs for the human she loves to accept. Then she refuses to kill the prince and just disappears, while this motherfucker settles down with another woman. A little dark for a children’s film, you will agree.

8. Mary Poppins

Do you have in mind the image of a loving, sympathetic, somewhat magical and generally positive woman? Don’t read the book. Inside Mary Poppins is a borderline mean woman who doesn’t hesitate to be tough on kids, is hurtful, doesn’t like animals to the point of saying that pigeons deserve to be cooked in pies and makes a she can’t piss everyone off, she’s so unfriendly. Yeah, an icon breaks.

9. Rambo

Well, already the first film in the saga is absolutely brilliant, there’s no doubt about it. On the other hand, it has nothing to do with the novel since in it John Rambo is not at all this lost guy who only defends himself. It’s basically a soldier who comes back from the front and freaks out because of flashbacks to the war. He begins to kill police officers who attack him but it is much less self-defense than in the film. And above all it bursts at the end, so nothing to see.

10.Jurassic Park

If you find the film a bit gory tell yourself that it’s the children’s version next to the novel. In this one Professor John Hammond (the old man who created the park) is eaten alive in a very disgusting scene by his adorable dinosaurs, several important characters also die and the survivors find themselves arrested by the police. Oh, and the island the park is on is bombed with napalm by the military just to fix the problem for good.

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