Top 10 bogus excuses from footballers suspected of doping

When we think of doping, we think directly of cycling or athletics, and yet it can also exist in football. And when footballers get caught, they are able to invent excuses almost as bogus as the ones we improvise when our other half decides to take a look at our browser history.

1. Sergio Ramos and the administrative error excuse

Sergio Ramos’ doping case in the 2018 Champions League final oddly didn’t make that much noise. Tested positive for dexamethasone, a corticosteroid used against inflammation, the Madrid captain got away with it by explaining that he received this treatment to fight against shoulder and back pain. The Real doctor will still come to his rescue, stating that the player had made a mistake when filling out the form on the evening of the check-up, confusing two types of corticosteroids because of the post-match euphoria. If Ramos is not doped, UEFA meanwhile, is fooled (aha)!

2. Kolo Touré and his wife’s slimming pills

In March 2011, the Arsenal defender was caught by the anti-doping patrol. Threatened with two years of suspension, he finally only gets 6 months, the English Federation judging his explanation on the use of slimming products by his wife, not super credible, but a little all the same.

3. Fabio Cannavaro and the wasp sting

Fabio Cannavaro is a regular at piquouzes. Already in 1999, during the pre-match of the UEFA Cup final against Marseille, a report by RAI (Radiotelevisione Italiana), showed the defender in the process of injecting his dose of creatine in complete relaxation , a product tolerated at the time. A few years later, the player pretended to use a cortisone-based cream to treat a wasp sting, in order to avoid any sanction. With success, since the 2006 Ballon d’Or was never condemned for doping. Nothing shocking apparently.

4. Adrian Mutu and the sexual enhancer

During his career, Adrian Mutu has collected suspensions for doping. As early as 2004, the Carpathian Maradona was busted for cocaine use. Accusation he obviously denied, claiming the use of a sexual stimulant related to coke. He finally received a 7-month suspension, thus shortening his stay at Chelsea before joining Juventus… and a few years later AC Ajaccio.

5. Edgar Davids and cough syrup

Testing positive for nandrolone in 2001, the bianconero defensive midfielder tried to catch the Italian federation on the pretext of using a homeopathic cough syrup. Problem, homeopathy as his excuses had the same effect on his sanction: none. Consequence: Edgar Davids received a 5-month suspension, which is plenty of time to properly treat his sore throat.

6. Romario and hair loss lotion

In 2007, the future Senator from Rio de Janeiro went into overtime with Vasco de Gama when he tested positive for finasteride. The 1994 World Champion will get away with it by explaining that finasteride is one of the components of his shampoo against baldness (Crescina for those who have hair problems). A far-fetched excuse but which will hit the mark since the player will be cleared by the Brazilian Federation.

7. Marco Borriello and his wife’s vaginal cream

While in the thick of it at AC Milan, Marco Borriello finds himself suspected of cortisone doping. The fault, according to him, of the cream used by his partner against a vaginal infection, which would have “contaminated” him during sexual intercourse. Result: 6 months of suspension which will deprive him of the title of European Champion won by the Rossoneri.

8. Christophe Dugarry and the doctor who forgets to take the oath

When all seems lost and your career is on the rocks, there’s nothing left to do but hope that the doctor in charge of doping control has screwed up somewhere. This cleared Christophe Dugarry in 1999 after an OM-OL match. Tested positive, the 98 World Champion was cleared because of the doctor in charge of the urine collection who had forgotten to take an oath (to the Tribunal) as required by the procedure.

9. Saadi Gaddafi and the treatment for back pain

The son of the former Libyan dictator had a short football career in Serie A thanks to a certain Silvio Berlusconi and his double role as a politician and owner of AC Milan. An adventure that began with a 3-month suspension for the use of corticosteroids when the Libyan player had just signed in Perugia. To justify himself, Saadi Gaddafi tried in vain to explain that he was undergoing treatment for chronic back pain.

10. And other (slightly) more serious stories

We don’t say it too loudly because we don’t really want to attract wrath, but if you are football fans you should know that suspicions of doping hang over the 1993 Marseille team, especially during the League final. Champions against AC Milan.

It was former player Jacques Eydelie who aroused suspicion in this case by saying that “for the leaders of OM, cheating had become second nature”. According to him, they were given pills before matches, and sometimes even shots, and no one dared say no to this great Bernard Tapie. According to legend, Tapie said before the Champions League final: “The Italians are all doped on me, we’re not going to do it!” » and that would be right after he would have given injections to these players according to Eydelie.

Well if the Italians do it, why can’t we do it after all? Not a bad excuse too.

Today these facts have never been proven, and even after some controversy, the title remains of course Marseille.

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