Top 10 biggest scams of 2022, it’s abused

There is very little debate on this: 2022 has been a rotten year overall, based on war, economic crisis and energy crisis. To tell you, I myself thought of withdrawing from the world to become a hermit in a place where no one could ever find me. A lost place like Nancy or Nîmes. But that is not the topic of the day. Let’s talk about something else that really ruined our year. Of course, I want to talk about all those 2022 scams that made us sweat the SIF. We already have no money or time to lose, so it would have been stupid to fall into it.

The price of the PS5 which has soared

The console already cost a ball, but on the pretext that the components are scarce, its official price (I’m not even talking about fraudulent resellers) went above 550 euros. And then what next? Are we going to be made to pay for iPhones over 1000 euros? THE JOKE.

The Linky meter scam

Among the big scams that have appeared, this one is very ugly for people who are a little fragile and have been fooled. Basically, as energy is expensive at the moment, rascals make individuals believe that they can modify their Linky box to save them money. Except that in real life, they make absolutely no modifications to the case and are content to collect the change (up to 6000 balls anyway). Not very friendly.

The tech support scam

This scam comes in many variations, but basically the principle is always the same: someone calls you pretending to be technical support and explains that your account is having a problem (often, ironically, it is a security issue). The person on the phone therefore invites you to give him money or banking information so that he can help you resolve the incident. Generally, the scam is very well put together and the fake agent is very convincing, which leads a lot of people to fall for it. They are clever these scammers anyway. Wicked, but clever.


To say that people managed to sell us this crap as being the best series of the year 2022 under the pretext that it had been made by the creators of Dark… We were well taken in. Instead of a masterpiece, we ended up with soft characters, hollow mysteries and a seen and reviewed resolution based on “in fact it was a simulation oh yes, you see it’s like Plato’s cave, because we are too many philosophers…” Anyway, please give me back those 7 hours of lost life.

biggest scams
Photo credits: Netflix

Macron who said “no power cuts” when we are finally going to get away with it

The guy plays the people’s hero, but as soon as his promises are broken, he’s gone. Like it would tear his face off to tell us just once “Sorry I admit I was wrong” ? Vazy he got me drunk once again.

Influencers who promote cryptocurrencies

From the number of Further Investigation on the subject, we talk a lot about influencer scams which are very diverse. They can sell us skull-burning cosmetics or even fat-burners that cause hellish diarrhea, but what we’ve mostly seen in 2022 are the big bastards who offer us to invest in cryptocurrencies. Scamming teenagers who don’t already have money, if that’s not very disgusting, then tell me what it is. Come on, I’m waiting.

Cryptocurrencies in general

A little thought for all those who bought hundreds of crypto before the price suddenly collapsed this year. Finally, investing in stone was perhaps better.

Macron who called for a solidarity vote for the presidential election to finally reject a third of his electorate

During the presidential elections, candidate Macron pleaded with the left to unite with him to block the far right. Then, once elected and arrived at the legislative elections, President Macron spat on the face of France Insoumise by calling them far-left and passing them off as the equivalent of the FN/RN. Even if it was the second round and we didn’t have much choice, it sucks to have voted for a scam like that.

The politicians who recommended energy sobriety to us

With turtlenecks and fine speeches, the guys asked us to do all we can to save the climate as they flew back and forth on private jets to do their shopping. Wouldn’t we have been tricked a little (to be polite)?

The hoax accusation scam

The process is simple, but ultra-agonizing. Basically, scammers pretend to be the police and send you an email with a message accusing you of viewing child pornography. Then, in a second step, they ask you to join them to settle the story as soon as possible (and in reality extort money from you). In the kind of scam that goes too far, this is one of the dirtiest.

(Bonus) Still that good old CPF

And it’s starting to really break our nuts.

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