Top 10 biggest fucks in history, people who can’t be bothered

Sometimes people decide to booger you in the face for one reason or another, whether or not you looked for it. Historically it has also happened, people, countries or various organizations have already pissed off other people in a rather memorable way (classy or not classy) and we decided to give you some examples found on a forum Reddit of grown people.

1. Abraham Lincoln who ridiculed James Shield twice

Lincoln seemed to hate James Shield and kept criticizing him for nothing. After a while, the second got fed up and decided to challenge him to a duel, a mistake because Lincoln being the person being provoked, he had a choice of weapons. Aware that he was two heads taller than his opponent, Lincoln chose the sword fight, and finding himself in front of him, Shield forfeited, perhaps hoping for a revolver duel. Truly a great gentleman this Lincoln.

2. The very creepy revenge of Olga of kyiv

After her husband Prince Igor was tortured and murdered by the Drevlianes and the latter sent emissaries to offer her to marry their murderer (already that’s cool), Olga accepted while preparing a revenge as cold as murderous . During exchanges with the leaders of the tribe, she had the first messengers who came to propose marriage buried alive, burned alive the second who came for the preparations, then organized a huge banquet in honor of her late husband with many members of the Drevlian tribe.

Nearly 5,000 tribesmen were killed in one night at this banquet. Ok, there you say to yourself that Olga shouldn’t be tickled? Wait for the sequel. She took her army and went to besiege the city where her husband had been killed (Iskorosten) for almost a year. After starving them, she asked them to turn themselves in, to which the locals and leaders replied that they were a little apprehensive about what they could do to them if they complied, since she obviously didn’t mess around. She answered them that they feared nothing “give me three pigeons and three sparrows from each house” she simply demanded. So the inhabitants rejoiced and all went to collect birds whose nests were on the roof of their houses to offer them to “Saint Olga”.

She then ordered her soldiers to hang a little sulfur in cloth on the leg of each bird and set it on fire before releasing them. The birds all returned to their nests positioned on every house in the city and… Everyone burned, including many innocent people.

3. General Patton who had the sense of the formula

When he was sent a message to tell him that he could not take the city of Trier with less than four divisions of soldiers, General Patton had already succeeded in the maneuver with only two divisions. Suddenly he simply replied to his superiors, as if to say that they could go get their ass cooked: “We took Trier with two divisions, should we give it back? »

This insolence.

4. Genghis Khan who was not one shy to get revenge

You have already been shown that Genghis Khan was cruel, and it was not a formula, the guy was damn deranged. Once, an enemy had pissed him off so badly that after grabbing him and killing him while inflicting horrible pain on him, he decided to divert a river to cover the guy’s native village in order to erase all traces of its past. Yeah, really shouldn’t piss him off.

5. The band Rush who pissed off their label and got it right

In the late 1970s the label of the music group Rush was trying to persuade them to stop making overly long music and rock operas and aim for radio play and increase sales with shorter songs. But the members of Rush had another idea, they recorded an album where a whole side of the vinyl contained only one song of more than twenty minutes and it was their biggest success of the time.

6. When the French cut the Eiffel Tower elevator cables to piss off the Nazis

While France was occupied by the Nazis, we had heard of a project by certain German officers who wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower. Just to piss them off, some pranksters have decided to cut the cables of the elevators in order to force the Nazis to take the stairs and sweat their race to the top. The invention of the tourist trap.

7. Sparta’s Response to Philip II of Macedon

The Spartans weren’t shy when it came to shutting up the invaders. When Philip II of Macedon sent the message “You are advised to surrender without delay, for if I bring my army into your lands I will destroy your farms, kill your people and raze your city” Sparta’s response was sober, short and tasted like a big middle finger, they just said “Yes”. Class.

8. The time singer Franck Zappa cropped an interviewer

While he was participating in a radio show, Franck Zappa was interviewed by Joe Pyne who swung at him “so, I imagine that your long hair makes you a woman” and Franck Zappa did not left to dismantle, he replied “so, I guess your peg leg makes you a table”. Big punchline but you have to know that this Joe Pyne reaction had lost his leg during the 2nd world war, he did not respect the veteran.

Top 10 biggest fucks in history people who cant be
Photo credits (CC BY 2.0): Frank_Zappa_-_Capt._Beefheart.jpg: Carl Lender

9. The time 50 Cent bought tickets to Ja Rule’s concert to annoy him

For years, the two rappers have really hated each other and clashed constantly, they put on their faces with tweets, punchlines in their sounds and that kind of thing, but one day 50 Cent decided to buy the tickets for the 200 front seats at a Ja Rule concert and not coming, a story that the rapper sings in front of empty seats. Clever. Boyish stuff, but clever.

10. Calvin Coolidge, President of the Very Silent United States

This politician never spoke so much that he was called “Cal the silent”. Then one day at an official dinner, his table neighbor spoke to him, telling him that he had made a bet that he would be able to get Calvin to say more than two words during the evening. The president, eager to inflate it well, then replied “you lose” (you lost). He didn’t talk much but he was a funny Calvin.

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