Top 10 biggest cheating cases in football

Between simulations and paid referees, football (like many other sports) has its share of somewhat suspicious encounters.

Sometimes it’s the players who are deliberately anti-game by simulating injuries and or ransacking the field, but other times it’s downright sporting directors or managers who get involved.

When scandals break out in the World Cup, it immediately spoils the show a bit, and we understand why it’s always the same people who win (just kidding, don’t get upset).

1. Maradona at the 1986 World Cup

“The hand of God”, who does not know this story?

Maradona in the 1986 World Cup voluntarily scores a goal with his hand against England in Mexico. Argentina won the World Cup for the second time thanks to this cheating. But how could the referee let this pass? Apparently the referee saw the goal scored with the head and not with the hand… or else the guy seriously needs glasses and we have the limit to worry about his health, or else it is a biggest cheats in football history.

2. Rivaldo and his fake injury in the 2002 World Cup (decidedly when the stakes are high we are ready for anything)

On June 3, 2002, during the Brazil-Turkey match in the 2002 World Cup, Rivaldo made a more than questionable gesture which would lead to the expulsion of Turkish player Hakan Unsal.

Hit in the leg, the Brazilian throws himself to the ground screaming to death and holding his head (just that). Unsal is therefore returned to the bench and can no longer play the rest of the match, while the cameras show that Rivaldo is not injured.

Later, Rivaldo will have to pay a fine of 7200 € but explains that he did not regret his action at all, good spirit!

3. The English and the 1966 World Cup, which arouses suspicion

There it is downright the whole organization of the English world which arouses suspicion.

Would the only World Cup won by the English be a bit stolen? This is what the former president of Fifa João Havelange affirms in any case, explaining that the president of Fifa at the time was English, that the world championship took place in England, that on the 3 referees and 6 assistants who notably led the matches of Brazil, Portugal, Hungary and Bulgaria, 6 were English and two other Germans. In the Argentina-Germany match, the referee was German and in the final we find the two European nations: England and Germany.

There were tensions between the English and the three South American nations present at the world (Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay) who denounce the organization of the latter. Even if to date, the victory of England has never been questioned, it must be recognized that the organization was largely in favor of the host country which was not at all favorite of the competition in the origin.

4. Juventus and its little arrangements

If Juve has not always had a very good reputation in Italy, it is largely because of the corruption cases that hover over the club.

the conclusions of an investigation in 2006 accuse of cheating the Turin sports director Luciano Moggi who decided on the appointment of referees for the key matches of the Italian championship. For example, in 2000, Juventus needed a victory to be crowned champions and while they were leading 1-0 against Parma, the Parmesan defender Fabio Cannavaro scored the equalizing goal which was disallowed by the referee for a non-existent fault. In short, this is just one example among many others, but when it comes to cheating and corruption, Juve have a small history.

5. Robben at the 2014 Worlds

During the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, in a latte between the Netherlands and Mexico, Robben collapsed several times during the match, even going as far as a penalty awarded for his team.

Later, the player will admit to having anticipated his falls, supposedly expecting to be touched by the Mexican defender…well, that’s a bit bogus.

6. The Bernard Tapie affair in the 1993 Champions League

The 1993 Champions League will forever be the pride of OM, and that’s quite normal. However, once again in the history of football, suspicions of corruption have been raised, and Bernard Tapis, the club’s former manager, is accused of having bought a match. Indeed, it was during the OM match against Bruges, won 1-0 by the Marseillais, that the referee was allegedly corrupt.

This accusation is notably made by a former legend of Romanian football, Cornel Dinu. The meeting was refereed by Ion Craciunescu, a compatriot of Cornel Dinu. The Romanian player claims to have met the Marseille boss on several occasions, and would therefore have been responsible for ensuring that the referee “refrains from giving a yellow card” to defender Basile Boli. Tapie explained “If Boli is sanctioned, he will be suspended against Milan in the final. For this, the referee will receive 20,000 dollars. »

It was not the first time that Bernard Tapie had been accused of cheating and corruption (a case had already broken out the same year in the match between OM and Valenciennes), nevertheless OM’s victory in the Champions League did not will not be called into question, and today we tend to forget this story.

7. The elimination of Algeria in the 1982 World Cup by Germany and Austria

In the 1982 World Cup, Algeria was the first African country to qualify. While the Fennecs find themselves in a rather complicated group (Germany, Austria and Chile), they manage to beat the Germans, who are far too confident, in one of their best matches which ends with 2 goals to 1.

To be qualified and be the first African team to pass a round at a World Cup, any result is favorable to them, except a victory with one or two goals behind West Germany over Germany. Austria. In this case, the two European teams would qualify. And oddly, that is precisely what will happen.

In the 10th minute, Horst Hrubesch opened the scoring for the Germans, and then nothing. The two teams, satisfied by this result refuse the game, in order to eliminate Algeria.

It was only 25 years later that Harald Schumacher, the German goalkeeper, admitted that the match was rigged and asked the Algerians for forgiveness.

8. The great Calciopoli affair

Still in Italian football, the Calciopoli affair has been talked about. This case initially involved Juventus, AC Milan, AC Fiorentina, SS Lazio, Reggina Calcio and Società Sportiva Arezzo, yes, that’s a lot. To sum up, as explained earlier, the sports director of Juventus of Turin Luciano Moggi, is accused of fixing the matches, knowing that it was up to him to decide on the appointment of the referees for the important matches of the championship.

Not only Juve, but many other clubs are involved in this scandal, with the lot of referees that goes with it. Luciano Moggi will be suspended from all sporting functions for a period of five years. Juventus will be the only club relegated, but AC Milan will be penalized by 8 points, and will drop from second to fourth place and will therefore participate in the preliminary round of the Champions League. Fiorentina and Lazio remain in Serie A but will be deprived of the European Cup. Heavy penalties that still make you think about the usefulness of cheating for an entire season…

9. Marwin Hitz former Augsburg goalkeeper plowing the field during a penalty

In a slightly lighter register (but still a cheat), German goalkeeper Marwin Hitz made a somewhat inappropriate gesture during a match in 2015.

It was in the Budensliga against Cologne that the goalkeeper, after a penalty was signaled, pretended to speak with the referee and meanwhile, dug the pitch with his crampons to make a hole. When the Cologne player came forward, he slipped on the lawn and the referee did not understand anything. It is with the cameras that we will notice the gesture of Hitz, who recognizes it himself. He will obviously be sanctioned for this anti-game and will have a fine of 120 euros (only).

10. Luis Suarez, between simulations and bites

We end this top with the great, the VERY great Luis Suarez, pro of simulations and bites.

Can we really call this cheating or is it just bad spirit? In any case, the examples are multiplying: the bite on Giorgio Chellini in the 2014 World Cup (Suárez had not been punished by the referee for this attack), the bite on Branislav Ivanovic which earned him a suspension… in short , it’s a bad habit, and you have to explain to Suarez not to eat his opponents.

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