Top 10 Biggest Boomer Movies, For Real Reactions

How to define a big boomer movie? It’s often a subtle mix of racist clichés, clumsy humour, idealized old values ​​and culture clashes. All this with reactive characters who end up realizing that, in life, you have to be tolerant. Holy program. It doesn’t make you want. However, boomer films, there are plenty of them, and they are almost all successful. Why ? Because there are many boomers and they too have the right to be entertained.

1. What have we done to God?

It’s THE boomer film par excellence, based on racist clichés “to denounce racism”, on the shock of generations and Christian Clavier who plays a big intolerant bourgeois who ends up becoming tolerant. We would like to say that “Boy, it’s not hurting anyone”but it hurts a lot of people concerned as well as the quality of French cinema, so we won’t say it.

(Sacred pavement in the pond)

Top 10 biggest boomer movies, for real reactions

2. If I were a man

A woman who has just been dumped by her husband finds herself decked out with a penis. She talks about it to her gynecologist (Christian Clavier, of course), to her neighbor, and to a guy who ends up loving her for who she is. It could have been a subtle way to thwart gender stereotypes, but it turned into a generalization of “women are more like this” or “men are more like that”. In the end, we end up with a half-cute, half-transphobic 2000s stand-up movie. Inevitably, there’s a half that does more work than the other, but boomers like it, and that’s important.

Top 10 biggest boomer movies, for real reactions

3. With open arms

Good promise, then we stop with the films of Christian Clavier which all look alike, we have already made a top and more. Nevertheless, With open arms, which tells the story of a wealthy writer forced to take Roma into his home, brings together just about everything boomer. We are entitled to the whole panoply of stereotypes stigmatizing a people to, in the end, tell us that what matters is humanity. A beautiful morality served by very nauseating tricks. According to our own wet-finger statistical study, absolutely no spectator of this film left the room saying: “Finally, I love the Roma. »

Top 10 biggest boomer movies, for real reactions

4. The Choristers

Among boomer films, there is an obscure category, that of films nostalgic for “old France”. You see, this France where we still had real values, the one where the schools were not mixed, the one where the children still spoke good French, the one where you could still spank, the one where Marshal Pétain… good can -be not that, but we are not far from it. The chorists belongs to this (not so) charming category alongside other nuggets like Skip school Where The little Nicolas.

Top 10 biggest boomer movies, for real reactions

5. Gran Torino

Clint Eastwood is proof that you can make boomer movies that aren’t disgusting. Because yes, Gran Torino remains a boomer movie with a main character who can’t sack strangers but who ends up tolerating and, even, liking them. Yet it is far from clumsy, it does without big shots, and in the end we want more. Like what it’s nice sometimes to be a boomer.

Top 10 biggest boomer movies, for real reactions

6. 8 Humanity Street

Dany Boon who takes on the subject of confinement to make a film of it in barely a year, it already smelled bad. But it’s more than that: it’s boomer. All the jokes you heard during the first months of covid, we find them here. Finally, especially the heavier ones. The ones that make your parents laugh. And in the end, we say to ourselves that in the end, it’s good to know your neighbors. Ah and then there’s Elie Semoun who has a small role. In short, the good recipe that we love when we are about 60 years old.

Top 10 biggest boomer movies, for real reactions

7. Is there any ham left?

four years before What the hell have we done?, we were already entitled to the famous clash of cultures of the young white woman who introduces an Arab man to his (racist) family. If it were only a very small element of the film, it wouldn’t be boomer, but there, the WHOLE film revolves around that, with obviously its share of shots that go well. And what about the title? Only boomers think of “ham” first when they are told “Muslim”.

Top 10 biggest boomer movies, for real reactions

8. Le Brio

A white right-wing college professor. A left-wing North African student. He will have to teach her eloquence, and both of them will have to overcome their prejudices. This time it’s Daniel Auteuil who has put on the “Christian Clavier costume” (surely already taken on another shoot for a bourgeois role), and the worst part is that it’s not fundamentally bad. It’s just ultra-predictable since the movie takes the classic boomer movie trajectory. Spoiler: in the end, they are more tolerant.

Top 10 biggest boomer movies, for real reactions

9. You want or you don’t want?

The pitch: Patrick Bruel, sex addict (in the film HEIN 😉 ) is in full weaning, but he has to work in tandem with Sophie Marceau, an assumed nymphomaniac. You guessed it, or noticed if you’ve seen the film, it’s the door open to the whole panoply of heavy ass jokes from our favorite uncles. Watch with your parents if you want to have a good family time (provided you forget about good taste, consent stories and the fact that you are with family).

Top 10 biggest boomer movies, for real reactions

10. Clear History

This film is an exception since it represents a dilemma for the boomer: can one be a reactionary boomer who hates new technologies when others are fighting the same system in the name of left-wing values? It’s complicated, and that’s why this film (full of great people) navigates an uncomfortable in-between. The characters fight the GAFAM – like woke people – while swinging jokes worthy of our friends the boomers who don’t know how to use a computer mouse. It’s disturbing. It’s hard to know if you like it or not.

Top 10 biggest boomer movies, for real reactions

So beware, if you like these movies, don’t worry, you might just be a boomer yourself. If in doubt, take the Are you a boomer? to be sure. Don’t panic, everything will be fine.

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