Top 10 best tweets from @baddanadanabad, the bad Dana

If you live in France, you necessarily know the national sport which is to complain, all the time and very loudly. Fortunately, there are also Americans who excel in this field and @baddanadanabad is one of them. We complain, we tell funny anecdotes and voila, the day is already over. See you next week !

1. Do I have Kleenex? Where did you think you were, in a palace? Here, a paper towel from Chipotle

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2. I asked a very pretty girl ‘Where did you buy your yoga pants, they are so beautiful’ and she replied ‘On Amazon but I don’t recommend it, it’s poor quality. He just looks good because I have a body of phew ” Thank you for your honesty beautiful kid

3. My boyfriend has a nosebleed on the first day of my period, that’s what I call an ally

4. Am I afraid of abandonment? My best friend of 20 years didn’t reply to me for 5 minutes and I checked to see if she had unfollowed me

5. I’m sorry, but if there’s a candle on the table at the restaurant, I have to blow it out. I love birthdays too much

6. No I never “spread rumours” about you, I “contribute to the myths and legends that surround you”, please.

7. I’m not yet 30 but my energy level is closer to that of someone around 100 years old. If you invite me to do anything other than eat and watch TV between noon and 6 p.m., I’ll just say no.

8. I hate it when something horrible happens to someone I don’t like because then you can’t say bad things about that person without feeling guilty. That’s why I only wish my enemies happiness so I can keep hating them

9. I love being close to 30, I had just one more drink than usual last night and must have been in bed all day. I feel like I have cholera instead of a hangover

10. They confiscated my weed at Disneyland… Too bad for them, now I’m going to be in a bad mood and even swear in front of children

If you don’t understand the tweets in English well, I hope you enjoyed the translations. We bleed for you, you know…

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