Top 10 best-selling stuff in airport duty free

One of the cool things about flying is not specifically getting patted down by security guards, but rather shopping in the duty free area before boarding (an essential shopping stop that is one of the things we all do at the airport). A sort of enclave with lots of shops that offer cheaper products because they are tax-free. Temples of consumption where it is possible to treat yourself to a bit of everything, from a good bottle of whiskey to those famous pillows to sleep better during your flight. That said, what are the items that sell the most? There are surprises…

1. The water bottle

If the devil incarnated in an object, he would probably choose a plastic bottle. A bottle on a plane, what’s more! Despite everything, the bottle of water is still very popular in duty free shops. Whereas basically, it is not particularly less expensive than elsewhere. Unless of course if you are into iceberg waters which cost an arm and a leg… But hey, on this subject we can only advise you never, oh never, to buy plastic water bottles.

2. Hair products

Shampoo, conditioner, care for brittle hair, hair dryers… that kind of stuff. It looks like it’s really worth it!

3. Tobacco

Duty free is a bit like the Spanish border: they mainly sell cigarettes and alcohol!

4. Care products

Are you going on vacation and suddenly realize that you have not only forgotten your toothbrush, but also your toothpaste, shower gel and earplugs? Don’t panic, the airports have thought of everything. The funny thing is that these kinds of items are not cheaper at all past the security gate. It’s even quite the opposite. This story is a little ironic…

5. Magazines and newspapers

There it is the same. Magazines and newspapers are of course not cheaper in duty free. But it’s still fun to leaf through something on the plane. It’s always better than falling back on the airline’s catalog, which is just waiting for the right moment to give you stuff you don’t really need.

6. Perfume

Maybe it’s because we all know that deep down, on planes, after a while, it can smell a bit of very sour sweat, perfumes are always very popular in duty free shops.

7. Makeup

The discounts offered are almost as interesting as for perfumes. So suddenly, the big brands are happy to lure us, sometimes taking advantage of the time people have to encourage them to buy stuff. You can even be pampered in the duty free, by having your makeup done while waiting for your flight.

8. Skin care products

Basically, you can completely redo your stock of body and face products for nothing. Well almost, because the stuff offered is often very expensive at the base. But yeah it’s worth it.

9. Local culinary specialties

A good pretzel in Munich, maple syrup in Montreal, a hot dog in New York, filthy violet stuff in Toulouse… In short, you got the idea.

10. Sunglasses

Glasses, like all products that are usually quite expensive, are indeed available at unbeatable prices in duty free. The big brands are therefore more accessible. You will be able to find cool and original sunglasses for an affordable price.

Strangely, we can’t find the pillow, which ultimately doesn’t sell that well… Maybe because in the best airports in the world, we don’t need it.

Source: The Travel

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