Top 10 best-rated French comedies on Allociné

1. The Great Mop, by Gérard Oury

A timeless absolute must that places Louis de Funès and Bourvil at the top of the list of the best French actors of all time. Do I need to recall the story? An English plane is strafed by the Germans in 42, its three passengers land in Paris each on their side. No need to know more.

The quote that tears everything apart: “They can kill me, I won’t talk!” – But me either, they can kill you, I won’t talk! “I knew you could be counted on. »

2. The Tontons Flingueurs, by Georges Lautner

Obviously we do not forget this masterpiece which has invested our repartee on a daily basis (not surprising when we see the best replicas of Tontons Flingueurs). A gangster story as we like them.

The replica that tears everything apart : “Cons, it dares everything. That’s why we even recognize them “

3. Edmond, by Alexis Michalik

Alexis Michalik not only has talents as an author and director (with like 92 plays of his own which are being performed right now in Paris) but he is a promising director as he showed with this first film adapted from his play. He plunges us into a dreamlike Paris of the end of the 19th century, alongside Edmond Rostand who was then working on the play that would make him famous: Cyrano de Bergerac.

The quote that tears everything apart: : “Well friends, it smells like success. »

4. Exceptional, by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache

These are known for their ability to take on fairly heavy social issues (in this case associations that help children with autism) with humor and the result gives a social comedy most often very successful. Vincent Cassel, Reda kateb and Hélène Vincent excel there marvelously.

The replica that tears everything apart : “You know a lot of diplomas who prepare to eat rights all day? »

5. Patients, from Grand Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir

Here again we are dealing with a comedy based on a difficult story, that of Grand Corps Malade and his accident which led him to spend some time in the hospital for his rehabilitation. It’s funny and touching, we definitely get attached to this group of friends who improvise in a painful moment of their lives.

6. The Dinner Game, by Francis Veber

Of course, we have already shared with you our taste for the best replicas of Le Dîner de cons. A cult film that has not aged a bit and certainly gives us one of the funniest scenes in the history of cinema.

The replica that tears everything apart : “- His name is Just Leblanc. – Really, he doesn’t have a first name? »

7. The Poison, by Sacha Guitry

Yes yes, the poison. This dark but nevertheless funny film with the brilliant Michel Simon and the perfect Germaine Reuver (yes there were actors before Marion Cotillard and François Civil) reveals a real game of massacre in this accursed couple who only seek to kill each other.

The replica that tears everything apart : “And yet it is despicable to kill yes, but it makes so many people live. »

8. Weeds, from Kheiron

From and with Kheiron, whose small but delightful directorial filmography we already love. We will also find Catherine Deneuve and André Dussollier in this story around Wael, a suburban guy who lives off small scams and who one day is offered to work as a volunteer with children excluded from school.

The replica that tears everything apart : “I’m going to teach you the real tricks that will serve you in life: brush your teeth. The slaves, at the time, it was based on their teeth that we decided to let them live in step. »

9. The novel of a cheater, by Sacha Guitry

We find Sacha Guitry again in this comedy which tells us the story of a guy whose only objective is to become rich, and therefore decides to steal to achieve his ends.

The replica that tears everything apart : “Being rich is not having money, it’s spending it!” »

10. La Ronde, by Max Ophüls

Another comedy that comes to us from 1950 precisely with a skewer of genius actors such as Simone Signoret, Serge Reggiani, Jean-Louis Barrault, Danielle Darrieux or Daniel Gélin to name but a few. A choral film about romantic encounters that seems highly ahead of its time.

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