Top 10 best moments of Zevent 2022, it was a masterclass

It was expected by many, criticized by some haters and it is now over: Zevent 2022 was a flop great success as the brave streamers broke their own record by surpassing 10 million and bettering the 2021 edition by almost 100,000 euros. Congratulations to them, and let’s come back together to some of the best moments of this weekend loaded with entertainment and emotions not necessarily ranked in order of preference.

1. The milestone of the first million euros

Be careful, it happened super fast: the live had started barely a few hours ago when on Friday evening the milestone of the first million euros collected was exceeded. It inevitably closed the mouth of some people who were shouting at the flop before the start of the event and it was a lot of fun.

2. Croc Lanta: the show that punctuated Friday evening

Each year the organizers find new activities to punctuate a long weekend of streaming between two games of video games and the first big activity of this year was the Croc Lanta : games of skill, riddles and above all slightly disgusting food for the loser to eat. An infamous smell on the set and a lot of laughter for the viewers, it was already going very strong from the first evening.

3. The burger quiz with Mr. Alain Chabat

The distinguished guest of this Zevent was probably the genius Alain Chabat who came on Saturday evening to carry out his famous show with some streamers by adapting the traditional questions of the game to the participants. “Questions for a streamer Burger edition” was therefore the highlight of Saturday evening as well as the most followed live in the world on Saturday evening on Twitch. I don’t know if you realize how beautiful it is.

4. The wrestling match

Improbable moment of Sunday, the wrestling event of Zevent was also a resounding success with many now cult moments between real wrestlers and motivated streamers (who had a two-day streaming marathon in their hands, we remind you). If you want to have a good time, there’s still time to go watch all of this.

5. The exceptional karaoke

Great moment of music and good humor, the karaoke was undoubtedly one of the best moments of the weekend punctuated by great musical classics sung in joy by tired but happy people. All the principle of karaoke after all.

6. Implausible DJ sets in every way

The weekend was punctuated by musical moments, but not only with the famous karaoke, several “dj sets” were performed and it was very often funny and completely stupid, like the moment when Étoiles and Antoine Daniel walked in the not daft-punk wish version.

7. Bigard’s passages in the MV stream (with an amazed Alain Chabat)

Throughout the weekend Mister MV had fun imitating many personalities with his deepfake: Stallone, Zidane but especially Bigard who came by several times to make good old dirty jokes. Inevitably, when MV shows Chabat his imitation of JM Bigard, it’s totally worth a look, I let you revel in this tasty moment.

8. When streamers saw Emmanuel Macron’s video (and it went wrong for him)

As last year Emmanuel Macron sent a video on Twitter to congratulate the streamers and it was not unanimous. Several participants replied quite curtly (to remain polite) to the president, considering that it was “because of people like him” that they were obliged to collect donations for the climate. A beautiful moment of failed political recovery.

9. Lots and lots of magical video game moments (because we’re basically talking about that)

Arena badges pokemons collected in a few hours, a memorable pixel fresco animated throughout the event, dozens of sims dead, parts of Fall Guys magic, the passage of Bigflo and Oli (I forgot to mention it) and overall too many funny moments to be summarized in a top.

10. The moment the record was broken

The consecration: the moment when the 10 million mark was exceeded on Sunday evening remains probably one of the most beautiful of the whole weekend. A few minutes later, the 2021 record was also exceeded, many haters probably swallowed their tongues in rage, so successful was this edition.

Congratulations to them, congratulations to the donors, congratulations to the associations and congratulations to you too, dear reader, you have probably done something in your life that deserves this applause.

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