Top 10 best destinations for beer lovers, the kingdom of foam

Beer is cool. Beer is even good for your health. But beer has to be earned (and it’s also drunk in moderation): the real lover of sparkling wine is also an adventurer, who isn’t content to go down with semis at the local bistro. He searches and tastes, in order to cultivate his palate, eager to come across the best beer in the world. An explorer who must visit these places where beer is much more than just a drink…

1. Bruges (Belgium)

Impossible not to place at the top of this top one of the only cities in the world where you can find a beer pipeline! Designed by the owner of the famous brewery De Halve Maan, to transport beer to his establishment in the city center, this installation arouses curiosity. Inaugurated in September 2016, it transports 4000 liters per hour. That said, no need for this pipeline to make Belgium and Bruges in particular a top destination for beer lovers. Those who have tasted one of the 54 brands that the country exports to the world already know that there is hardly anything better. The opportunity to also visit the Bruges Beer Museum.

2. Munich (Germany)

With more than 104 liters of sparkling wine consumed per year and per inhabitant, Germany is unquestionably one of the largest beer countries in the world. Especially during the Oktoberfest, which brings together more than 6 million enthusiasts every year. Abundant, German beer is also excellent. It is thus possible to visit and taste in abundance over the many breweries. Tip: don’t miss the Big 6, the six unmissable breweries associated with Oktoberfest.

3. Dublin (Ireland)

Essential, if only to check if Guinness tastes the same where it is produced as it does in the pub next to you, Dublin is a sort of Disneyland of beer for enlightened amateurs. Thirsty people can head to the city’s historic breweries like The Brazen Head Pub or St. Francis Abbey Brewery, which brews Smithwick’s and Kilkenny, and take advantage of the relatively low prices to sample all sorts of flavors. Always by the pint, a matter of tradition!

4. Prague (Czech Republic)

With more than 142 liters of beer consumed per year and per inhabitant, the country is easily in first place. The Czech Republic, which can count on the export of its famous Pilsner to keep the economy afloat. Prague, logically, celebrates beer in several places. It is imperative to go to the largest beer museum, soberly named Beer Museum, which offers several activities that are certainly a little overrated but nevertheless very entertaining and instructive for anyone who wants to know what is hidden behind this delicious beverage. Beer fun fact: in Czech beer is called pivo and there is a beer called Bernard. Hence this inscription on the pediment of the bars: Bernard Pivo.

5. Puebla (Mexico)

Forget bustling Mexico City. In Mexico, the new beer hub is two hours from the capital, in Puebla. Beer that several breweries make and celebrate during the famous Puebla Beer Fest, every December. In Puebla, we love binouze so much that one street even proposes to reproduce a Belgian atmosphere, with typical food and drinks. Belgian beers + Mexican beers + guacamole = perfect vacation.

6. Copenhagen (Denmark)

Denmark is known for offering beers of very different varieties, as attested by the best beer bars in Copenhagen, themselves evolving in sometimes radically opposed atmospheres. From the rustic charm of the Ørsted Ølbar (where the urinals are shaped like barrels) to the more stripped-down atmosphere of the Mikkeller Bar, there is only one step. And since we are still in Denmark, it is of course possible to visit the Carlsberg Museum.

7. Sydney (Australia)

A beer nation, Australia is famous throughout the world for its craft beverages but also for its widespread brands such as Coopers or the famous Foster’s, which is now brewed everywhere and not just in Australia. In Sydney, one place commands attention and can quite be considered the nerve center of a beer trip, namely The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, the oldest brewery in the country. Several of its beers have won awards.

8. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

The homeland of Heineken and Amstel but also of several other more confidential brands but just as, if not more, delicious. In Amsterdam where The Cracked Kettle is located, an impressive store that sells 500 different types of beer. The IJ brewery offers several varieties of organic beers and bars like Café Golem serve up to 200 different beverages to excite the most demanding taste buds.

9. Portland (USA)

Fans agree that to drink good beer in North America, Portland is the place to go. Not that it’s not possible in New York, Los Angeles or elsewhere, but Portland cultivates a real passion for beer, in its hundred breweries in particular, which cover a wide range of flavors, just to satisfy everyone. . Places like Fat Head’s Brewery or Oregon Public House that earned the city its nickname of Beertown.

10. Brussels (Belgium)

Because Belgium is definitely THE country for beer lovers, why not end this top not far from where it started, in Brussels? A city that is not resting on its laurels and which, not content to enjoy a very strong brewing tradition, also looks to the future, as evidenced by the Brussels Beer Project, a collaborative brewery that sees big.

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