Top 10 best companies to work for in 2022

For the sixth consecutive year, Forbes has published its annual ranking of the best employers. In partnership with Statista, a company specializing in market research, Forbes interviewed 150,000 workers, employed by more than 800 various companies, and distributed in 57 countries. Among the criteria used for the classification: the opinion of the employees on the image and the impact of the company, the training process offered, gender equality, social and environmental concerns, the salaries offered, the advantages social or even the balance established between private life and professional life.

1. Samsung, best company in the world this year

Samsung, a Korean company, is the only one in the top 10 not to be made in the USA. From the height of its 266,673 employees, it is starting to get used to the first place since it climbs to the top of the Forbes ranking for the third consecutive year!

2. Microsoft

A place won for Microsoft this year! After snatching the third step of the podium in 2021, the multinational computer company, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 and now having 221,000 employees, climbs to second place. GG.


Opposite effect for the “International Business Machines Corporation” which loses a place in the ranking in 2022!


Small comeback for Alphabet, the American company created in 2015, which, after being placed at the top of the ranking in 2017 and 2019, had been relayed to 6th place in 2021! In addition to obtaining the 4th place of the top, it also dethrones (and above all) Amazon, squarely relayed to the 14th place. Well honestly… When we know the working conditions of Amazon employees, we do not sulk our pleasure to see it fall 10 places!


On the side of the bitten apple, we remain constant! 5th place in 2021, 5th place, still, in 2022. The iPhone pros are sweating to see their worst rival, Samsung, 4 places above… Oupsie.

6.Delta Airlines

At Delta, there is enough to pop the champagne! In addition to taking 6th place in the best companies to work for in 2022, climbing 14 steps in the ranking in one year, Delta is also establishing itself as the world’s leading non-tech company, and the best of all airlines. Well done.

7. Costco Wholesale Corp.

This name means nothing to you ? So, note that Costco Wholesale is “a retail company, operating a chain of distribution, and operating on the principle of self-service wholesale with membership. ». Founded in 1983, it now has 815 warehouses around the world, for a total of 288,000 employees.


Even if the share price is in free fall (650 million in May 2021 VS 285 million today, according to this graph from Forbes), the IT company publishing software remains in the world’s top 10 companies in which employees feel good. Small improvement for Adobe which gains a place in the ranking in one year!

9. Southwest Airlines

And two airlines! Here too, it is a giant leap that the American company is making, since it was in 16th position last year. We can say that she took off what… Lol.

10.Dell technologies

One of the world’s largest computer makers is narrowly staying in the top 10, after occupying 7th place in the rankings in 2021. A company accustomed to finding its name in the Forbes rankings: Michael Dell, founder, is ranked 16th richest person in America in 2022. That’s crazy.

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On a European scale, BMW takes the lead, with a 13th position in the world ranking. It is necessary to wait for the 15th place of the classification so that a French company appears. And it’s about… Decathlon! Youhouuu, in great shape!

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