Top 10 best cartoon VF, sometimes it’s better than the VO

“Me, watching a film in VF? Rather die burned alive! »… admit that you have already pronounced this sentence with a certain form of snobbery of the kind “VF is really a lame thing”. I can’t blame you, I do the same. On the other hand, if the dubbing in VF of a film can make the hair stand on end, the dubbing of cartoons is sometimes much better in French version, because apart from the whims of producers who stick people like Stéphane Bern or Griezmann in a film, we have a bunch of excellent dubbers in France. And then, you still have to admit that watching a cartoon in original version is really the height of the paradox.

1. The Griffins

First, let’s make things clear. The Griffins, it’s the best anime series in the entire galaxy. There, that’s said. Once we have agreed on this point, it goes without saying that the VF is just as valid as the VO (with Seth MacFarlane its creator at the controls of Peter Griffin), or even better. The voice of Michel Dodane for Peter and Brian Griffin, that of Maïka Darah for Loïs, is quite simply pure vocal genius.

2. Darya

Besides the fact that this series is great, the French voices are particularly successful. And for good reason, teenagers don’t have the voices of teenagers but of adults, especially Daria, voiced by Marjorie Frantz (who also lends her voice to Sidse Babett Knudsen in BorgenCamaron Diaz and Hillary Swank…), a phlegmatic tone that goes with this cynical character who makes us bleed from the nose so much we like him.

3. South Park

With William Coryn for Kyle and Christophe Lemoine for Cartman (also known for his interpretation of Nicholas Newman in the fires of love), we can say that the VF of South Park simply represents a much higher potential for laughter expulsion than its original version.

4. Archer

Sterling Malory Archer is our spirit guide. This parody of James Bond is not only hilarious, it also mixes excellent voices with in particular Adrien Antoine in Archer and Marion Game in the role of his mother, also known for the character of Huguette in Domestic scenes.

5. The Little Dinosaur and the Valley of Wonders

If the French version of this film which made me cry so much, is clearly preferable to the original version (the fault of Henri Virlogeux in the voice of narrator), it is quite simply because the dinosaurs could not speak English and that this original version results from a real linguistic-historical misinterpretation.

6. Charlie My Hero

Another film by Don Bluth (for those who have experienced an alternative education at Disney) on a dark story of a repentant canine mobster. At the same time with Richard Darbois as Charlie’s voice actor, we can’t really compare with the original version. The proof his voice is so hot that it saves him.

7. Rock-O-Rico

OK good after I stop with Don Bluth, but really on this one, impossible not to fall for the voice of Eddy Mitchel in Chantecler who personally awakened in me the first zoophilic emotions.


Well OK, I’m a bit crazy about this Disney because the French voice of the Genie (again Richard Darbois, this supreme being) has become cult. Difficult to say if it is better than the original, we still had Robin Williams on the spot, heavy, but let’s say we are on a good ex aequo. If in doubt, re-watch this same scene in VO and VF and tell me. Me, I can’t choose.

9. Futurama

It’s not that the VO sucks, it’s just that it’s less… it doesn’t have as many… it’s more than it is… it’s neither worse nor better… But it’s still better in VF, because the VF is more… it has a lot of… let’s say it is… better.

10. The Simpsons

Clearly, I recognize my bad faith. The simpsons it has always been in VF, it has always been so because the episodes are broadcast in VF and unless you have the DVD boxes of all the seasons (strange possession insofar as the series constitutes 98% of W9 content) with a choice of languages ​​available, we do not listen to simpsons in VO, never. NEVER.

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