Top 10 best actions of green activists, motivated people

You will probably still insult me ​​as an eco-leftist fan of Mylène Farmer but I don’t care, I totally assume every part of this insult and even more. Anyway, we’re going to talk about the best actions of environmental activists, because there are people who move their ass to try to defend this planet while we turn on the heating as soon as it is below 20 ° and that millionaires abuse private jets.

1. Extinction Rebellion planting vegetables in golf holes

Did you know that some regions have a ban on watering plants because of the drought but that some golf courses have derogations? This is the case of the Limoges golf course which had the right to swing from the fleet at all costs to satisfy its rich customers but it was without counting on these geniuses of extinction rebellion who planted vegetables in the holes of the courses to let out a rant. Good game.

2. The activist who interrupted Roland Garros

A young activist had interrupted one of the semi-finals of Roland Garros 2022 to alert the thousands of viewers that it was a bit shit in terms of climate change. The incident was talked about and it was the purpose of the maneuver so we can say that it was successful, especially since it brought a little dynamism to a very boring sport (yeah I know it’s going be divisive as a remark).

3. Activists in their underwear breaking into the British Parliament

Again those brave people of Extinction Rebellion who broke into the UK parliament during the Brexit debate in 2019 to disrupt a meeting. Well, that didn’t stop Brexit from happening, but at least it pissed off some people and that’s already a great victory.

4. The activist who deflates SUV tires in Paris

In order to rant against the fashion for SUVs which consume a lot and have no real use in extremely urban areas like Paris, a man decided to deflate the tires of these vehicles. Not convinced that SUV owners are going to say to themselves “damn but he’s right, I’m going to change cars” when they discover their deflated tires, but it’s funny.

“If a owner of a large 4×4 decides for his next vehicle to buy a city car, it’s a victory, he…

Posted by Ouest France on Thursday, August 4, 2022

5. Anti-fossil fuel activists who glued themselves to a Van Gogh painting

In protest against the British government’s 40 new fossil fuel plans, two activists clapped their hands to a painting of Van Gogh to draw attention to their rant which also had the merit of talking of this very often misunderstood painter.

6. The Kirikou collective who paved the holes of a golf course

Just before the Extinction Rébellion collective attacked the golf course of Limoges, the Kirikou collective had carried out an operation in two golf courses in Toulouse. Pulling lawns by hand but also filling holes with cement, which counts in the eyes of the law as vandalism and degradation. The purpose of the operation here was also to militate against the watering of golf courses while saving water was mandatory for all other places.

7. Louis McKechnie, the Van Gogh painting activist who also interrupted an English football match

Van Gogh’s painting was not Louis McKechnie’s first try, the Just stop oil campaigner had previously made headlines by entering the pitch during an English Premier League game, but also by blocking a circular motorway in London, which had earned him six weeks in prison. There are people who go after their convictions.

8. Greenpeace activists who installed a giant iceberg on the Seine to warn of global warming

To denounce the excessive use of fossil fuels (such as coal or oil), responsible for global warming, Greenpeace activists demonstrated in front of a 16m iceberg reproduction. They chose to operate on July 7, 2009, on the eve of the G8, to question Nicolas Sarkozy on these issues, who didn’t really give a damn, unlike Paul Bismuth who was very concerned about the subject.

Top 10 best actions of green activists, motivated people
Picture credits: Greenpeace

9. Extinction Rebellion activists chained themselves to the gates of the Ministry of Economy

To denounce “the billions of euros invested in industries that kill planetary ecosystems and human lives”, activists from Extinction Rebellion chained themselves to the doors of the Ministry of Economy and Finance on June 30, 2020 while being covered in fake blood. Sensationalism but which conveys a message, like the film Avatar.

10. My cousin who decided to turn off the water at her office

In order to protest against people who let the office water run too much or drink too much tea, my cousin literally turned off the water in her office for 12 minutes. A political rant that she rarely talks about, she is so humble.

Top 10 best actions of green activists, motivated people

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