Top 10 Benefits of Having Rich Friends, Review Your Dating

If we generally say that it is better to have friendly, funny and loving friends, we may well end up talking big bullshit. Imagine that a study proves that ultimately having rich friends is all that matters, well not completely, apparently it would help to become rich yourself, which is much more worth it than being with nice people. So here are some benefits of hanging out with big money.

1. They can change your career

The big heads of Harvard and Stanford have published a study which shows that someone born in a disadvantaged background but who hangs out with people from more affluent or wealthy backgrounds can motivate them to push their studies and aim for a more inaccessible career because it would boost ambition. You know what you have left to do.

2. It can make you money

Who says more ambition and better work necessarily says bigger salary. And on this the study speaks of increasing by almost 20% the income that the person would have had at the base. So concretely, what better advice can I give you than to let go of your loser friends and find real moneyed friends.

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3. Because you can squat in their super house

Are you tired of your apartment smelling of piss because people in your building come to relieve themselves on your doormat? Are you tired of banging against both your bed and your stove when you shower because your accommodation is so small and poorly arranged? Well if you had rich friends they would suggest you come sleep over and laze in their pool, just like that, because they’re cool.

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4. Because you will go to very good restaurants

The rich eat super good stuff, they don’t digest the lower quality food or the candle wax we eat at the end of the month as well as we do. If you hang out with them you will therefore go to delicious restaurants and since they will know that you do not have too much money they will invite you without asking questions. Yes you’re a profiteer, but what’s stopping you apart from this old thing called morality.

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5. Because they will take you on vacation

They are going to South America for three weeks to visit Argentina? Hop, that’s good, there’s still a seat on the plane for you, because that’s what when you’re rich, you’re always a winner and all borders are open to us. And above all we travel by private jet in fact.

6. They can find you a job with the snap of their fingers.

Because they have connections or even their own business, your wealthy friends will give you a job no questions asked, even if you’re a workaholic. That’s exactly how Nicolas Sarkozy was able to place his good-for-nothing son in an important position or Vincent Bolloré did the same thing, among the rich you get on well, something that only real friends make.

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7. Because they will give you a car or scooter that is of no use to them.

Can’t move freely? No problem, your rich friends have the solution since they probably have an old fashioned Mercedes from 2014 or a Vespa gathering dust in the garage. A garage larger than the house that you will never be able to afford elsewhere.

8. Because they have all the entertainment possible at home

Swimming pool, billiards, table football, pinball, PS5, tennis court, boat, quad, secret Netflix subscription (the one with the next seasons of your favorite series that are only canceled for the poor)… In short, think of any what they will probably have it. Enough to have a good time and avoid getting bored all weekend reading the only book you own and of which you were only able to buy the back cover.

Top 10 Benefits of Having Rich Friends Review Your Dating

9. Because they will see you as a curiosity and feel good about helping you

The rich need to be lathered up from time to time, so they risk making you their Mowgli: a little being who has not evolved with the same codes and who will have to be taken in hand to launch him into the life. You will be for them a project more than a friend, dedicated to making them feel magnanimous and benevolent when they do it only for their ego. But you gain a lot too.

10. Because they will bring you into the big world

you see the movie Gatsby the magnificent where rich people drink champagne while having garden parties decked out in their best costumes? That’s a normal rich breakfast, so imagine what they do on a Saturday night. Plus you’re going to meet high people, like lawyers, top athletes, crooked politicians and bullshit comedians who think everyone likes them. What a life.