Top 10 beers to taste in the Czech Republic, Czechia, tché toi?

Like every year, the Czech Republic is the country that drinks the most beer in the world, and this by far, far. Czechs drink 148.6 liters of beer per capita every year; if you divide by the number of days, that’s one pint (0.5L) EVERY DAY. Why ? Quite simply because the price of beer is ridiculous in the Czech Republic, cheaper than water in supermarkets. Nearly 110 breweries of all sizes operate in this small central European country. Go to a pub or Beer Museum: a pint does not exceed 2 euros. For beers of this quality, it’s a gift! And if you go there in May, don’t miss the Beer Festival, it’s simply the Czech Oktoberfest! In short, drinking is clearly one of the things to do in the Czech Republic.

1. Kozel

With its goat as an emblem, easily spotted on the fronts of many pubs, you can taste it anywhere. Special mention to the Dark Kozel which is really worth the detour.

2. Svijani

Quite rare in restaurants, Svijany is however available in Beer Museums or supermarkets. FYI, his name is pronounced SVIYANI (just to avoid looking like a buzzard to the waiters).

Top 10 beers to taste in the czech republic, czechia, tché toi?
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3. Lobkowicz

Lobkowicz is surely the most expensive beer in this ranking, but it largely deserves the top 3. Knowing that a beer costs a maximum of 2 euros, the notion of “expensive” should be put into perspective.

4. Gambrinus

Like its cousin the Kozel, La Gambrinus is very easy to find in bars and restaurants. To go to bed less silly or to be nerd in the pub, know that Gambrinus, mythical king of Flanders and Brabant, is a symbol for all beer lovers.

5. Bohemia Regent

Here is a rare one: you will have to get up early and walk around the bars to test it; but the game is worth the candle. Brewed in a small town in the Czech southwest, Bohemia Regent has a taste that far surpasses that of large industrial breweries. The cheapest craft beer in the world.

6. Staropramen

A beer that gets the job done: it’s good and thirst-quenching – isn’t that what you expect from a beer? Staropramen comes from one of the largest Czech breweries and its name means “old source”. We have seen worse, sources.

7. Krusovice

Don’t panic, don’t stutter, you see an accent you don’t know, so breathe and repeat after me: “KROUCHOVITCE”; like that, you will not pass for the basic tourist. For the record, the history of this beer dates back to the 16th century, so much to tell you that a bunch of fellows have tested it before you.

8. Radegast

Radegast is also a Slavic mythological god of whom we do not know if he had a strong penchant for booze. But under such auspices, only quality beer could be made.

9. Pilsner Urquell

International star beer: Urquell can be found in most of our supermarkets and that is why it appears at the end of this ranking. You will find it without great difficulty in France. Most restaurants and pubs serve it; it’s a good beer, but nothing transcendent.

10. Budweiser Budvar

Like the Pilsner, a beer that does the job without marking memories. At the same time, Budweiser is always a little scary.

Well, if you’re lazy or have a memory lapse, you kindly ask the waiters: jedno pivo prosim (pronounced yedno pivo procim), it means “a beer please. And don’t forget that you have to consume them while eating the Czech specialties that smash everything.

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