Top 10 bands we loved as teenagers and we don’t take it on anymore today

The hits that make us nostalgic for our sweet childhood or even the beginnings of our harsh adolescence (but that depends on your age because if you’re eight, for example, you don’t know what I’m talking about), there are a bunch of them . That’s not what we’re talking about here, but rather the bands we listened to when we were teenagers, that we even adored and which remain etched in us like a shame of the past. Suffering, confusion & embarrassment.


And in the same family I also draw Les Wriggles, Les Joyeux Urbains, Les Ogres de Barback and all the groups whose singers are camp leaders who are citizens of the world. No matter how much you piss them off today, you can’t stop your lips from moving when you hear this beginning of the melody of death “If you were born in a housing estate, I dedicaaaaace this poem to you…” AAAAAAAAH NOOOOOOOON PITIIIIIIIE JE COOOOONNNAIIIIIIS ALL BY COEUUUUUUR. Shame on me.

2.High Tone

Or Asian Dub Foundation. In short, all these dub bands that made great music “to trip” (when you just drank half a cooler) and that gave the impression of being super cool, when in fact you never really understood what “dub” meant.

3. The Grass People

If we were already in a community that was more focused on firecracker smokers with the Tryo family on one side (like: I smoke to fight against capitalism) and the rough dub dancers on the other (like: I smoke because I don’t accept my body), Le peuple de l’herbe is resolutely the electro group that advocates the consumption of soft drugs “to chill”, and no longer “to trip”. Group of shame that you still listen to sometimes in secret because all the same “Herman Shank” was sooooooop coooooool man.

4. Ketanou Street

I was young, stop kidding :'(

5. Blink 182

Official partner of the series of American Pie, Blink 182 is the group par excellence for teenagers. However, excellence is not really a question. But I don’t know… when you hear “all the… small things… gnagna, gnagna…” (yeah because you shouldn’t kidding, it’s not because you were a fan that you learned the lyrics in English) you feel in the mood to go drink orange vodka and pick up a 15-year-old boy. Except you’re an adult and if you do that, you’re going to jail.

6. The Offspring

In the same vein as Blink or Smash Mouth (but that’s just thanks to Shrek), it’s the band of embarrassment that we still like a little, BUT IN CACHET when you want to feel punk. Finally punk from the 2000s. Naaah, we do with what we have huh.

7. Superbus

“Wait, but I found out just because she’s Chantal Lauby’s daughter, but otherwise I don’t really care about this kind of music, hey oh, it’s okay, I’m not masochistic either. » I say, tapping my foot nostalgically on “Tchi Cum Bah”. Well yes, but it’s also rhythmic.

8. Limp Bizkit

You were beaten up in college, suddenly to show that you were also hyper violent and able to defend yourself, you openly showed that it was your favorite group.


Well in this case I’m thinking more of the (only) hit of this group “Dernière danse”. Moreover, you will notice by forcing yourself to listen again that it’s quite pumped on Saez “Young and stupid” (which also deserves its place in this list of groups that we prefer to leave in the past).


Wouldn’t you have learned it as an instrument to make you guitar solo in the evening, even?

Thanks to the 2000s. Now we have to leave ourselves alone, we have to stop embarrassing ourselves like that by reminding ourselves all day long that we didn’t have very good taste back then.

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