Top 10 awesome jokes you didn’t notice in these cult series

We had already told you about the jokes present in the films, inside jokes that are difficult to spot at first glance for ordinary mortals. Well we’re offering you exactly the same thing, but for the series, because we’re not going to make anyone jealous.

1. A little robot joke in Futurama

It’s part of the hidden jokes in another language and it’s very funny because technically it’s a joke that only robots can understand. It happens in the episode “Car-Garoute” and Bender goes crazy reading this ultra coded joke “1010011010”. It turns out that in binary language it means “666”. Like hell. With imps and all.

Top 10 awesome jokes you didnt notice in these cult

2. Spongebob who is excited about the underpants

There are plenty of ass jokes in children’s cartoons and SpongeBob SquarePants is no exception. In this episode, he zaps and falls on an anemone which sways the mucous membranes. Bob immediately changes the channel as Garry approaches like it’s dirty family porn. And to think that as children, we didn’t understand anything.

3. A lifetime in the background in a HIMYM scene

In this scene, everyone gives a shit about Robin and his marriage delirium in Canada. But the real comic scene happens in the background. There is indeed a couple whose whole life is summarized in accelerated over the scene. First the date, then the marriage proposal, the baby, the graduated son, the widowed mother. Obviously, if you don’t pay attention to it, it’s hard to catch the joke.

4. A funny newsletter in The Office

We see it appear on a wall several times without seeing much of the text, but this one is quite funny:

“As anyone can guess, this newsletter is not a real one. It’s just an accessory that dresses the wall and looks like a newsletter without really being a newsletter. By writing lots of words in a column, you can really give the impression of writing a newsletter… Besides, you could even get away with not writing real words, like kjavbiwiwpo, avcviqvck or the much appreciated dfbiouvsuiegphenlk. These words can even be put together to make sentences, paragraphs or even a book accessory. »

5. When Jim’s name is misspelled at his own wedding (again The Office)

Two points dedicated to this series too well it was necessary so much there are hidden details in The Office. In this case, we love this story of a badly spelled last name (deliberately of course) for the marriage of the character with Pam. Until the end respect is ded.

6. A set of valves hidden on the board in Friends

We told you about it in the hidden details of Friends, but this table concentrates all the best inside jokes of the series like in this scene with a disgusting portrait of Ross.

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7. The funniest scene ever in Dexter

It’s not even an inside joke. But it’s still the best valve of the century (yes I know I said “ever” in the title of the point but in fact I think it’s just the best valve of the century).

8. Homer’s hair in The Simpsons has meaning that will blow your mind.

Well it’s just that his cute little hair is the signature of the creator, Matt Groening that’s all. It’s not really a joke. But that leaves a little on the ass. Not as much as those scenes from The Simpsons predicting the future, I agree.

Top 10 awesome jokes you didnt notice in these cult

9. A small, almost invisible crossover in The Office of Legends

The Office of Legends is not an ultra comic series, but the creators do not hesitate to make little nods to other Canal creations. In this case, in episode 3 of season 3, we discover a book in Marina Loiseau’s suitcase… Vernon Subutex. As luck would have it sometime before the book was made into a series. A way of saying that we were already working on the file at that time.

10. Ozark waving at 13 Reasons Why OKLM

Again, you have to be really careful to notice that. In the teen series the characters Alex Standall and Montgomery de la Cruz play a video game bought by Alex in season 2: Desert Duty. Overall something that looks like Call of Duty, but isn’t Call of Duty. In any case, it’s a trick created for the series so don’t try to find it in real life. Guess what Ruth and Boyd are playing in Ozark? Exactly the same game. Like what this game seems to be a hit in the parallel world of fiction.

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