Top 10 avenues more beautiful than the Champs Elysées in the world

It seems that the avenue des Champs Elysées is still the most beautiful in the world. Okay, but we still decided to take a closer look, because avenues that have class, well… the streets obviously run the gamut. Proof by 10.

1. Oxford Street in London

Start a top on the most beautiful avenues in the world with… a street? Inevitably, it is in England that it happens. We drive on the left, we dream of being a world rugby champion when in fact not, and we spin a name from a school notebook to a major shopping street in the city, thinking of impressing the barge! The British are definitely not afraid of anything… At the same time, Oxford Street has something to tell with its 2.5 km long, its 300 stores including the lunar Top Shop, a lair of colorful fashion made in London, passing by Primark and its prices that you don’t want to know who manufactures the clothes… In short, an avenue renowned for its shopping and its fast-food chains which nevertheless attract a trifle of 100 million tourists every year!

2. Broadway Avenue in New York

It runs through Manhattan from south to north (and vice versa) for nearly 21 km to the Bronx and originally owes its name to “Brede Weg” which means “wide avenue” in Dutch. Broadway is today famous of course for its musicals, for Time Square and its advertising signs to spin an epileptic, without forgetting its inescapable temple of m&m’s. Further on Broadway Avenue, we will cross the Empire State Building, the Flatiron Building in the shape of an iron, before venturing into Greewich Village, then in the district of SoHo, before finally going to fiddle with the testicles of the wall street bull for good luck it seems.

3. Avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires

There’s nothing like competing with the Champs-Elysées than pumping it up with the idea of ​​sticking an obelisk right in the middle of the city’s busiest avenue, and making tens of thousands of motorists have fun. spinning around all day. But to stand out from its competitor, the Avenida has decided to think big, finally wide more precisely, since the artery is currently the widest in the world, with 140 meters from edge to edge. other, against only 70 for the Parisian alley.

4. Las Vegas Strip in… Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip is aptly named, because if you let yourself go, there’s a good chance of ending up naked! It’s the fault of the many bling-bling hotel-casinos that keep an eye out for the curious along the 7 km of sidewalks that border the boulevard… and the experiences and encounters that can be had there if you let go a little. The Las Vegas strip can also be lived in tourist mode, eyes wide open in front of so much bad taste that makes this oasis, a place with devastating kitsch charm.

5. Las Ramblas in Barcelona

This artery connects 2 of the liveliest areas of the city, El Raval to the west and the Gothic quarter to the east. A 1.2 km walk punctuated by must-see places such as the Boqueria market for a tapas break, the Escriba pastry shop emblematic of the Catalan city, the “Pla de l’Os” mosaic by Juan Miro, or even the Liceu theater become Opera that can be visited between 61 and 65 of the street. Perhaps not the most “typical” avenue in Barcelona, ​​but a must for a first visit to the city which saw the birth of Manuel Valls and above all… David Pujadas!

6. Passeig de Gràcia (always) in Barcelona

While we’re in the area, let’s pop over to Passeig de Gracia: the city’s most famous avenue with its surreal building facades such as La Pedrera, Casa Batllo or Casa Lleo Morera. It is also currently the most expensive avenue in Spain whether to live there, spend one or two nights there, get drunk or have a bite to eat.

7. Ocean Drive in Miami

It looks like here in full trip in GTA, the lampposts and the overthrown pedestrians in less. The avenue runs along Miami Beach and its very cinematic Lumnus Park, renowned for its palm trees, its white sand and the body-built creatures that invade the area daily. Ocean Drive is also glitzy, with an Art Deco atmosphere, luxury hotels and select clubs. In the genre, you can try your luck at the Clevelander and its 9 bars, or at the Villa by Barton G which was once the home of fashion designer Gianni Versace, who was assassinated not far from there in 1997.

8. Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg

The former Russian capital also has its Champs-Elysées with this endless 4.5km avenue which offers a succession of palaces and Baroque, neo-classical and Art Nouveau buildings, in addition to all the shops, restaurants, etc. which a tourist needs to feel at home… (yeah it’s sometimes a bit stupid a tourist). In addition to showing off a little, here we peel them a lot. The fault of wanting at all costs to create very straight arteries, which are transformed into wind tunnels for the polar winds which circulate in the region. Well done comrades!

9. Wenceslas Square in Prague

It is The “Place” to be for all the major fashion brands, as well as for the large companies that have their headquarters there. Theatres, cinemas, banks, hotels, restaurants, more than just a square, Wenceslas looks more like a huge avenue bordered by the shopping streets Na prikope and Narodni trida where onlookers come to hang out for a tourist weekend.

10. Avenida Paulista in São Paulo

Sao Paulo is unlike any other Brazilian city, and we want to say “so much the better”, because yes it’s ugly. No more than a big city elsewhere in the world, but still, here, it’s surprising. In this immense casting of concrete is the Avenida Paulista, renowned for being the headquarters of major national and international companies. In all, nearly 800,000 people work there daily. Does that make it one of the most beautiful avenues in the world? Absolutely not, except that here is a tropical green setting called the Parque Trianon which is home to huge exotic trees, and especially p….. spiders the size of my hand that look like they came straight from the Amazon. . Arachnophiles will love it… The others much less!