Top 10 answers to questions about first names

A name is for life. Take, for example, a 25-year-old guy named Jean-Michel: he’s still going to suffer for a little while, unless of course he manages to convince the Civil Registry that the first name is detrimental to him on a daily basis in the conduct of his life (for example because everyone laughs as soon as he shows up). Because yes, you can actually change your first name, but it’s a pretty little hassle. But is there for you and Topito too.

1. Can we call our child what we want?

In theory, yes, but in practice, no. Basically, all of this will be decided at the discretion of the Registrar. What you have to understand is that France, unlike some countries, does not have a list of authorized or prohibited first names; nevertheless, the law specifies that the first name must be chosen in such a way as not to be able to harm the interests of the child or to allow him later to carry out identity theft. If the second condition is not only rare but above all obvious, the first is discretionary. In the event of disagreement by the Registrar, the latter is in charge of notifying the prosecutor who, depending on the case, will seize the family court judge. While waiting for the appearance, the first name chosen by the parents will prevail.

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2. What happens if the judge rejects the first name?

In this case, parents are invited to propose a second one. If they refuse, it will be directly up to the Registrar to choose the first name. Hoping it tastes good.

3. How many first names can we give at most?

You can choose as many first names as you want. In the event that it would be really ridiculous, like 55 first names, it would still be up to the Registrar to inform the prosecutor who himself would refer to the family affairs judge to study the interest of removing certain first names. .

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4. What is the maximum number of letters in a first name?

Again, there are no rules. But if you choose to call your daughter Daenerys-of-typhoon-of-House-Targaryen-first-name-Queen-of-Meereen-Queen-of-Andals-of-Rhoynar-and-First -Men-Overlord-of-the-Seven-Crowns-and-Protector-of-the-Kingdom-Khaleesi-of-the-Great-Grass-Sea-Mother-of-Dragons, expect it to be a fuss anyway.

5. What happens if the guy in Civil Status gets his first name wrong?

It is fortunately possible to correct the birth certificate when the civil registrar has made a mistake in the first name or has made a spelling error. All you have to do is make a request to the Officer in question, at the precise place where the act was carried out.

6. Can we change our first name?

Yes, and there are two ways to do this. The first is to choose another of their first names as their usual first name – for this, any first name entered in the birth certificate can be chosen as the usual first name. In this case, it suffices, when requesting to obtain identity papers, to specify the usual first name that you want to use: it will be indicated above.

The second, if you want to radically change your first name, is to go to the town hall of your place of residence or birth. But the change of first name can only be made in the event of obvious ridicule of the first name. On the other hand, it is much easier to modify the order of his first names. These procedures are downright simpler than for the surname.

It should also be noted that there is a legal procedure for Frenchifying one’s surnames and first names when one acquires French nationality. It’s Zemmour and his Corinnes who will be happy.

7. Is it possible to give the surname of one of the parents as the first name?

Take Monsieur Aurange and Madame Thomas. They have a son, who will take his father’s name. Therefore, he cannot be called Thomas. Because Thomas Aurange it would be very complicated for the administration to understand.

8. What happens if we can’t agree on a first name?

Well in this case, you have to go to the family court judge, who will be competent and will decide the dispute. Suffice to say that these are very, very, very rare cases: when we have managed to agree to have a kid, we are generally able to agree on a fucking first name.

9. Can we put symbols and numbers in a first name like @75#?

No. Only the characters of the Latin alphabet used to write French are authorized. We cannot therefore put numeric characters, nor symbols, nor punctuation marks. We won’t even be able to put n tildes, that is to say. Good after, some live above the law as evidenced by the absurd first names of children of stars.

10. Can women giving birth under X choose the first names of their child?

Yes, and the child’s surname will be the third (or next) given name chosen by the mother. If the mother waives this right, it is the civil registrar who chooses the first name; in the event of adoption, the child’s family name will change and their first names may also be changed (under conditions).

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